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Jim O'Heir is an actor from Illinois. He is best known for his current role as Jerry Gergich on the TV show Parks and Recreation. He has also appeared on Friends, Malcolm in the Middle, and Parenthood.

Peeing in public always has the potential for awkwardness, but nothing beats the awkwardness of getting trapped peeing next to your girlfriend's dad.

When a guidance counselor notices a student trying to elevate her #squad on social media, she suggests the student reassess her squad goals in order to find acceptance and true friendship.

With another training camp coming to a close, Coach Bruce Kilmer and the defending champion Vikings find themselves at a crossroads. Coaches are divided over an aging veteran, Timmy Kowalski, and an undrafted rookie, LaDarius Rucker.

Things are going great for Jim O'Heir, star of NBC show, Parks and Recreation!

The Vikings prepare for week 1 without star player, D'Vigerous Austin, who remains absent at camp. As veteran Stuart Hodges struggles to get his body ready for the contact, newcomer Timmy Kowalski's run-in with law enforcement threatens to unravel Coach Bruce Kilmer's (Jim O'Heir) season before ...

As defensive star D'Vigerous Austin's hold out stretches into the second week of camp, newcomer Timmy Kowalski's antics on social media are becoming a distraction. Meanwhile, Coach Bruce Kilmer (Jim O'Heir) must begin the process of cutting his team down to the league-mandated 30 players.

The offseason has brought drama for Coach Bruce Kilmer (Jim O'Heir) and the Vikings. On the first day of camp, the coaching staff must address the absence of their star defensive back, D'Vigerous Austin, whose holdout cripples the team. Meanwhile, an aging player contemplates his future in the ...

Hot off the success of "Cars" and "Planes", a room full of executives dreams up the next big thing... "Boats"! But is it the story they care about or is it $omething el$$$e...? Starring Jim O'Heir (Parks & Recreation), Kevin Wu (http://youtube.com/kevjumba), Taylor Miller (Magic City, https://twi...

Will Ferrell introduces the upcoming slate of videos coming soon from Funny Or Die.

Official Selection 2012 OTHER VENICE FILM FESTIVAL Official Selection 2012 LOS ANGELES COMEY FESTIVAL Alex and Mark, newly engaged, invite their fathers over for dinner to meet one another and learn a hard, uncomfortable truth very quickly; that their dads, Phillip and Larry, have been bitter...

Looking to collect his ransom, this kidnapper finds himself between a father and son at VERY extreme odds.

THOSB has a visitor. Andy's dad is visiting and he's kindof a handful. Parks and Recreation's Jim O'Heir stars in MANSITTING

Can't Wait For The Movies gives you a sneak peek at The Amazing Spiderman before it comes out, even though it's been out before several times.

There's a reason they call him "Talking Carl".... While on a stakeout to case a jewelry store, a small time thief gets more than he bargained for when his new partner in crime just won't... stop... talking. Starring Jim O'Heir (Parks & Recreation) and the #1 Worldwide hit app "Talking Carl"! ...

The Sons are back this fall and more rambunctious than ever.

Detectives Rustin Cohle & Martin Hart are in HBO's True Detective, they're just a little hard to understand.

Jimmie Johnson is a professional race car driver from California. He currently works under NASCAR. Among other wins, in 2010 he became the only driver in NASCAR history to win five consecutive championships.

Let Jimmie teach you how to make winning easy!

With Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, and Horatio Sanz

Jimmy performs "Troll Doll Jingles" (Part 1 of 2)

Jimmy performs "Troll Doll Jingles" (Part 2 of 2)

Jimmy busts out a troll doll and does some celebrity impressions

Jimmy sings some spring break song parodies

Jimmy does standup about roommates, dorms in college ...

Jimmy does standup about showering in college

Jimmy raps with the audience, does standup about college majors, etc

Jimmy does standup about fake IDs

Get ready for the holiday season! And visit FeedTheWorld.org to donate.

Jimmy Fallon vlogs and shares his new song.

Jimmy Kimmel is a comedic TV host, actor, writer, and singer from New York. He is best known as the host and co-creator of the talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel takes his security guards Guillermo, Veatrice, and Uncle Frank to see the movie "Step Brothers".

Episode 2: Zach interviews talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy McMillan is a Republican political activist from Florida. He is best known as the founder of the New York-based party, Rent is Too Damn High Party. 

2012 Presidential hopeful Jimmy McMillan talks with Jena Friedman about some of his issues... 2012 Presidential hopeful Jimmy McMillan talks with Jena Friedman about some of his issues... Directed/Edited by Alexis Guerreros Director of Photography Nicolas De Miranda Shoot Direction and S...

Jimmy McMillan and his son Timmy McMillan (Billy Eichner) announce 'The Charlie Sheen is Too Damn High' party. Charlie was just found in a hotel room with porn star Capri Anderson, so the timing of their announcement is just right.

Jimmy Pardo is a stand-up comedian and actor from Illinois. He is best known as the host for the award-winning podcast, Never Not Funny. He was previously the opening act for the night shows The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, and Conan.

Welcome to Season 3 of the #1 web series about letters to TV Guide, in which Alison Flierl and Scott Chernoff re-enact real subscribers’ letters. This week, special guest star JIMMY PARDO doesn't like them apples. http://tvguidelettertheater.com

Comedian Jimmy Tingle sings his version of the 12 Days o Christmas inspired by President Trump

Humor for Humanity is a new social enterprise founded by comedian Jimmy Tingle. Our mission is to help raise spirits, funds and awareness for non-profits, charities and social causes through stand up comedy, social media and live events. For more information on Jimmy Tingle and Humor for Humanity...

Humor for Humanity is a new social enterprise founded by comedian Jimmy Tingle. Our mission is to help raise spirits, funds and awareness for non-profits, charities and social causes through stand up comedy, social media and live events. For more information on Jimmy Tingle and Humor ...

Jimmy Tingle Live from Sanders Theatre at Harvard University talking about The Mighty Pilgrims

Jimmy Tingle on Public Transportation

Comedian Jimmy Tingle gives a commencement speech for his 2010 graduation at Harvard University.

Jimmy Tingle's take on improving Public Transportation.

J.J. Redick of the Los Angeles Clippers teaches YOU how to make the perfect NCAA March Madness bracket.

Joan Rivers was a TV personality, author, actress, and comedian from New York. She was best known for her work as a co-host of E!'s Fashion Police. She is often considered "The Queen of Comedy."

Take it from Joan Rivers - Penn Jillette is BAD. To find out why Penn is turning so BAD, head here - http://www.fundanything.com/penn

Alison Chace brings you the comedic Rap, The Match.Com Mama! A song and dance spoof about online dating. With special cameo by Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers gives us all just a little too much information, much, much more than we asked for.

Have you heard that St. Vincent has been named ambassador to the tiny northern Russian island of "Recorstorda"? She has nothing to do with Record Store Day.

Which of these steaming hot bad boys would you bed, wed, or murder?

Chromeo helps Mallard Air make its safety video a whole lot funkier.

Brad is running low on cash this holiday season because he quit his job to focus on YouTube full-time and has now put all financial burden on his wife. In order to recoup expenses, he gets a job at the Pistons Locker Room Store as a seasonal employee.

Joe Buck is a sportscaster from Florida. He is best known for his work with Fox Sports for which he won multiple Sports Emmy Awards.

Joe Buck flies to New York in advance of this Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII, and receives a warm New York welcome.

The Jim Brockmire story tells the true story of a truly old-school sportscaster who was well before his time. He set the standard for how to call a baseball game and he loved his wife more than anything else until one fateful day when his sportscasting career changed forever.

Joe Jonas is a singer-songwriter, musician and actor from New Jersey. He is best known as member of the band, Jonas Brothers along with Nick and Kevin Jonas. He is also known for his work in the Camp Rock film series and the Disney show, JONAS.

Joe Jonas singing to your girlfriend is probably the best Valentine's Day gift you can get for her but you might be surprised by her reaction.

Joe Lo Truglio is a comedic actor and writer from New York. He is best known for his work on the shows The State, and Reno 911! He has also appeared in the films Superbad, Role Models, and Paul.

When an ordinary guy accidentally leaves a museum with his audio tour device, he gets a lot more than an art history lesson.

Even Country Wedding DJ's have the opportunity to do something ridiculous on video and be played off by the keyboard cat.

Even at weddings with line dances, country wedding DJ's get a little crazy at night.

After eleven days of madness, pain and anarchy, our heroes have finally reached the finish line. But there's still one more test before the movie opens. And, unfortunately for our heroes, it's the hardest test of all.

It's finally opening night of FutureSpace, but "The Spoiler" has arrived to torment patrons with its secret ending.

Josh risks his standing in line for a chance at the sacred Moon Dagger.

Duffy has to squeeze in some quality father-son time while sticking to the five-minute rule. Duffy must push his brain and body to the limit to give his son the quality time he deserves. Can it be done?

The line is beginning to hit its stride, when a villain arrives on the scene. They call him the Spoiler and he's armed with a weapon so shocking it threatens to destroy their very way of life. Can their world survive?

As Josh (Hader) and Duffy (Truglio) struggle to retain their coveted first spot in line, the Telepathic Triplets introduce a hardcore five-minute rule: leave the line for more than five minutes and lose your place.

Josh and Duffy score the coveted first spot in line to see the new FutureSpace and not a moment too soon. With just 11 days to go before the movie opens, they find themselves in a face-off with the ultimate fanboys: the Telepathic Triplets of Zybar.

Stop being so damn overweight.

Joe Manganiello is an actor from Pennsylvania. He is best known for his role as Alcide Herveaux on the TV series True Blood. He has also appeared in the Spider-Man films, Magic Mike, Sabotage, and What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Emma Roberts stars in The Girl With The Tramp Stamp Tattoo, alongside Joe Manganiello, Ray Wise & Brian Huskey in the most anticipated film of 2011, based on the book trilogy by Stieg Larsson.

Joe Mantegna is an actor, writer, and director from Illinois. He is best known for his role as David Rossi on the TV series Criminal Minds. He is also popular for his work in the films Three Amigos, The Godfather III, and Up Close & Personal.

Take a behind the scenes peek at the making of Sacks West, featuring Ray Romano, Joe Mantegna, Cedric the Entertainer, Larenz Tate, Haley Joel Osment, Cheech Marin, Oliver Hudson, Dylan O'Brien and many, many more!

Let Don Cheadle introduce you to the new amazing resort and spa for you called Sacks West. Frequent guests of the resort include George Lopez, Ray Romano, Joe Mantegna, Cedric the Entertainer, Larenz Tate, Haley Joel Osment, Cheech Marin, Oliver Hudson, Dylan O'Brien and many, many more.

With Hannah Montana ending on Disney soon, critically acclaimed actor Joe Mantegna will be assuming the role Miley Cyrus once played once she leaves the show.

Alice Cooper and Joe Perry have started a new supergroup, the Hollywood Vampires. Now their manager, show business legend Shep Gordon, wants the band to meet their new label rep, and they're in for a shock.

Joel David Moore is an actor from Oregon. He is best known for his role as Colin Fisher on the TV series Bones. He has also appeared in the films Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and Avatar, as well as Katy Perry's music video for "Waking Up in Vegas."

This ATTACK AD could have been one of the most devastating political weapons of all time. It could have destroyed many bad candidates, sent some to prison, made others cry. But it all went wrong. We're sorry about this. We hope you forgive us and that you’ll see the movie, GRASSROOTS, which will ...

In part 2 of Byron Phillips: Found, finally Byron finds his soul in the most peculiar of places: following the girl who saved his life. The problem is, his soul seems happier with her...Can he get it back?

Byron Phillips (Zachary Levi) has lost his soul. Literally. After a near death experience, he watches it walk away from his body. Byron is left searching, finally finding it in the most peculiar of places: following the girl who saved his life. The problem is, his soul seems happier with her...Ca...

Episode One of a webseries surrounding the three most powerful Stunt Agents in the world. Starring Brandon Routh, Joel David Moore and Zachary Levi. Characters from the feature film "Stuntmen" available August 18th. For more go to twitter.com/stuntmenmovie.

Joel Madden is a singer-songwriter and record producer from Mayland. He is best known as the lead singer for the band, Good Charlotte. He is the husband of socialite, Nicole Richie.

A Behind the Scenes look at the making of Zac Efron's Pool Party.

Zac Efron's Uncle Hank and his girlfriend, Randi, crash Zac's pool party and they just can not be cool.