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Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men) isn't just a child star, she's also a professional psychologist to other child actors. In this episode, she counsels Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Modern Family), Jared Gilman (Moonrise Kingdom), and Pierce Gagnon (Looper).

Jared Harris ('Mad Men') educates an uninformed cisgender couple on how to avoid terminological transgressions when discussing Caitlyn Jenner.

Jason Alexander is most remembered for his role as George Costanza on the iconic show Seinfeld. He has had many other roles on screen and on the stage, appearing in several Broadway musical including Jerome Robbins' Broadway in 1989, for which he won a Tony Award.

Before you see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, find out if BB8 makes it home for Droid Day in the only holiday special based solely on rumor and conjecture about the upcoming film. Featuring a cavalcade of stars and a very special performance from "Train."

Millionaire Jason Alexander attends a 99% rally to try and find out how to become a part of the 99%ers movement.

The first episode of The Donny Clay Show stars Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison..

Netflix just recently announced that they would be raising the prices of their services making it impossible for any of their customers to continue living.

Jason Bateman started out acting on the sitcoms Silver Spoons and The Hogan Family. He played the lead role of Michael Bluth on Arrested Development and has appeared in the films Horrible Bosses, Juno, Up In The Air, and Bad Words.

Funny Or Die Movies talk to Identity Thief stars Melissa McCarthy & Jason Batemen.

Jason Biggs is best known for his role as Jim Levenstein in the American Pie series. He has also appeared on Broadway, and in the programs Orange is the New Black, and currently voices Leonardo on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

This ATTACK AD could have been one of the most devastating political weapons of all time. It could have destroyed many bad candidates, sent some to prison, made others cry. But it all went wrong. We're sorry about this. We hope you forgive us and that you’ll see the movie, GRASSROOTS, which will ...

Everyone has demons from their past that come back to haunt them, including Jason Biggs.

A young expecting couple gets more than they bargained for during a visit to their doctor .

There are dates from hell, and then there is this date.

A preview of Jason's exclusive short for Funny or Die.

See if you can spot the Kickstarter backers in this leaked scene from the new Veronica Mars movie with Kristen Bell. They're very subtle.

Reigning PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner presents all his tips and tricks, on and off the course.

The Donald's rise to be king of his pride has been a difficult journey this year, one filled with constant dangers.

Hovey Benjamin loves a lot of things about Christmas.

Remember the ‘Saved by the Bell’ when Zack Morris gave himself a homeless girl for Christmas? Zack Morris is trash.

Remember the 'Saved By The Bell' when Zack Morris got Jessie hooked on caffeine pills? Zack Morris is trash.

Remember the 'Saved by the Bell' when Zack Morris disgraced his Native American ancestors? Zack Morris is trash.

Remember the 'Saved by the Bell' when Zack Morris lost his teacher's car investing in potatoes? Zack Morris is trash.

Remember the 'Saved by the Bell' when Zack Morris drove drunk and crashed the car? Zack Morris is trash.

When the global outbreak of Pokemon reaches apocalyptic proportions, there is only one man the world can rely on to catch 'em all. And this time Ash Ketchum (Blake Jenner) is playing for keeps.

Remember the 'Saved by the Bell' when Zack Morris sold swimsuit photos of his underage female classmates? Zack Morris is trash.

Remember the 'Saved by the Bell' when Zack Morris lost his friend's dog in a poker game? Zack Morris is trash.

Remember the 'Saved By The Bell' when Zack Morris told everyone Slater was dying and they should be mean to him so he'd move to Hawaii? Zack Morris is trash.

"Til death do us part" may come sooner rather than later for rapper Hovey Benjamin and world-famous-supermodel Charlotte McKinney.

Remember the 'Saved By The Bell' when Zack Morris used the school's Teen Line to go on a date with a girl in a wheelchair then made her feel bad in front of the entire school? Zack Morris is trash.

The NRA are here to tell you the real people responsible for the latest shooting massacre (It's not them).

Happy Yom Kippur! Remember the 'Saved By The Bell' where Zack Morris lied about being Jewish to go to a baseball game? Zack Morris is trash.

As an NFL player, it can be a real struggle to decide whether to kneel or stand during the national anthem. But now with Knee Shoes, you can straddle the fence between protesting police brutality and paying tribute to the nation you hold so dear.

These Hollywood reporters always find the best pop culture news, even if they have to make it themselves. Starring Chris Kattan.

If you need sports facts fast to prevent an awkward office exchange, the head of Nick Lachey is here as your new Virtual Assistant for everything sports related. Move over Siri & Alexa, Nick Lachey has got your back.

Pom Klementieff may be best known for the character "Mantis" in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but did you know that she also auditioned for a number of this summer's blockbuster films?

Sometimes in life, you just can't sit around sipping coffee.

Jason Jones is an actor and comedian best known as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and as Tony on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother

John Hodgman is The Deranged Millionaire in the trailer for his final book of complete world knowledge.

The most terrible, titillating show canceled in the 80s has been found. David 'Shotgun' Harley and his talking van keep the streets and the hottest babes safe at night in this shockingly violent and sexist show.

Jason Lewis is most known for his role, Smith, in the Sex and the City sitcom and movies, and as Chad in Brothers and Sisters.

Two lovely young ladies walk into a bar to order a few drinks when they reveal just how mature they really are.

A behind-the-scenes look at Joe Swanberg's new film, Birthday Suit, about a young couple's "on again, off again" sexual relationship. The film uses cutting edge technology developed at the WETA Workshop to create the illusion of graphic sexual content.

There is a storm being caused by gay marriage and we are all in serious trouble. This is a parody of NOM's Anti-Gay Marriage PSA. Watch the original http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp76ly2_NoI&e and then contribute to equal rights at http://www.hrc.org

Nancy Meyers movies (The Intern, It's Complicated, The Holiday, Something's Gotta Give, The Parent Trap, Father of the Bride, and many more) always seem to be missing something, and this black guy (Jason Mitchell) is going to find out what.

Jason Ritter is probably best known for his roles in Joan of Arcadia, The Event, and in Gravity Falls. He stars in the sitcom Parenthood for which he received an Emmy Award nomination.

A documentary on Violet Long, who stars in the upcoming movie THE LIE. Friends and family speak out on the starlet's downward spiral.

Jason Schwartzman is an actor and musician that has worked extensively with director Wes Anderson on his films Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Moonrise Kingdom. He also appeared in the films I Heart Huckabees, and Big Eyes, and on the TV shows Bored to Death and Drunk History.

Adam Scott goes totally bananas because his costars don't like him and it's really viral stuff. #doublestormout

Jerry Stahl engages in some shameless book blurbing with a few of his friends (Ben Stiller, Flea, Jason Schwartzman & Michael C. Hall).

Book Of Mormon/NBC stars Andrew Rannells (The New Normal) & Josh Gad (1600 Penn) find out they have a lot in common. Maybe a little too much.

Jason Schwartzman stars in this exclusive video from Wes Anderson and his new movie, Moonrise Kingdom.

The cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World sits down with our recently dumped correspondent. The cast offers him tips until he is unceremoniously escorted off the premises.

Jason Segel is an actor, screenwriter, and singer-songwriter from California. He is best known for his role as Marshall Eriksen on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. He has also appeared in the films Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, The Muppets, and The Five-Year Engagement.

The stars of This is 40 make mistakes just like the rest of us.

The Sort-of Sequel to 'Knocked Up'

Jason Segel & Paul Rudd finally get around to slappin the bass with the guys from Rush. Finally, their I Love You, Man dream has come to life.

Fabrice Fabrice hits the the Red Carpet of the MTV Movie Awards to talk to all of the stars about being stars in the land of a million stars.

The cast of Forgetting Sarah Marshall discusses breakup stories from their past.

50 top US & UK comedians - all squeezed into a 2-minute teaser for Amnesty International's new DVD/Blu-ray "The Secret Policeman's Ball - USA". www.SecretPolicemansBallUSA.com

JaVale McGee and Lamorne Morris star in the music video for Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J's TMNT single, "Shell Shocked."

Jay Baruchel is a comedic actor from Canada. He has appeared in the films Million Dollar Baby, She's Out of My League, How to Train Your Dragon, and This is the End.

In Theaters WEDNESDAY June 12th

People want to know if Hollywood is run by the Jews and Jay Baruchel has the answer.

Two really good friends...disparaging each other.

The cast of Amazon's 'Transparent' enjoyed some free therapy sessions with Life Coach Laura Milton-Kaufberger (Carrie Aizley). Here are some of the bits that didn't make the cut.

Josh (Jay Duplass) and his mother Shelly (Judith Light) argue about her unhealthy attachment to him during a free therapy session with Life Coach Laura Milton-Kaufberger (Carrie Aizley). Season 4 of Transparent Premieres Friday September 22.

The joys of bringing a new life into the world have this couple over the moon… until their doctor (Cheri Oteri) delivers grave news that shatters their world forever.

Finally a season of The Bachelor featuring people of color. It's doesn't last very long, though.

Nick Cannon and the Cannonballs show a tough crowd how to party. From Nick Cannon's new album "White People Party Music".

As the world's finest connoisseur of denim and cars, Jay Leno has devoted all his time since leaving late-night comedy to creating his masterpiece: the first all-denim car.