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David (Michael Sheen) is a middle class guy with middle class problems. Despite his lovely home and beautiful middle class wife (Radha Mitchell), his son Gary (Ty Simpkins) is the same, just thirty years younger. Both are looking for a way out from suburbia and all it's trappings. One Sunday lunc...

Michael Vartan is a French American film and television actor. He is best known for his role as Michael Vaughn on Alias. In addition his acting credits include roles in Never Been Kissed, One Hour Photo, and Monster-in-Law.

Full Scene from Michael Vartan's new movie "Maximum Turbo"

Actor Michael Vartan reveals his secret in this exclusive interview.

Michael Vegas is an adult film actor from Huntington Beach, California.

The Porn Industry would like to thank Los Angeles for passing Measure B which requires all pornographic actors to wear condoms. Thanks. No seriously, from everyone, thanks. Seriously. Thanks!

Michaela Suzanne Watkins is an American comedic actress. She is best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 2008-2009 as well as her role as Lucy in the sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine. Michaela continues to perform for the improvisational and sketch comedy group The Groundlings.

The cast of Amazon's 'Transparent' enjoyed some free therapy sessions with Life Coach Laura Milton-Kaufberger (Carrie Aizley). Here are some of the bits that didn't make the cut.

Life Coach Laura Milton-Kaufberger (Carrie Aizley) gets a pot induced visit from the Pfefferman matriarch Yetta (Michaela Watkins) after her final free therapy session with the Pfefferman family. Season 4 of Transparent Premieres Friday September 22.

80s sitcom superstar puppet, Alf, serves as the best man at Donald Trump (Johnny Depp) and Ivana's (Michaela Watkins) opulent wedding reception and raises a toast to the newlyweds.

Donald Trump has it all. Money, power, respect, and an Eastern European bride. But all his success didn’t come for nothing. First, he inherited millions of dollars from his rich father, then he grabbed New York City by the balls. Now you can learn the art of negotiation, real estate, and high-qua...

Donald Trump (Johnny Depp) introduces his first wife, Ivana (Michaela Watkins), a Czechoslovakian immigrant who works at the Trump’s Castle Hotel Casino to help show off his new architectural model.

<a href="https://www.netflix.com/title/80114549">The #FODTrumpMovie is available on Netflix. Click here to watch it now! https://www.netflix.com/title/80114549 .</a> | Donald Trump has it all. Money, power, respect, and an Eastern European bride. But all his success didn’t come for nothing. First...

A short comedy about a man, his foot, and finding happiness. With Alia Shawkat ('Arrested Development'), Michaela Watkins ('SNL') and Avi Rothman

A lesson in how to please a woman - 'Whiplash' style.

The podcast sensation of the year finally reaches its climax.

In the early 1900's, famed author James Joyce wrote dozens of love letters to his wife, Nora. They were found many years later in the sleeve of a long forgotten book. And guess what? They're really gross. Now let's read them.

In the early 1900's, famed author James Joyce wrote dozens of love letters to his wife, Nora. They were found many years later in the sleeve of a long forgotten book. And guess what? They're really gross. Now let's read them.

Grab your girlfriends and run to the biggest sale of the year at Dress Gallery!

You'll see the rest, now watch the FIRST. Justin Long stars in the first biopic of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Also starring Jorge Garcia, James Urbaniak, and Michaela Watkins.

Ayn Rand has a new public access talk show, full of celebrity guests, topical comedy and long angry diatribes against the government.

Reminisce about Whitney's hits and how they made you feel like you could do anything. Including sing, "I Will Always Love You".

Actresses need a place to learn their craft, that's when they visit the home for actresses.

Michaela Watkins plays the most famous hand model (of all time in the world forever) Ellen Sirot

The Massholes over at Sterling Cooper are back again to pitch a new product and a new campaign all while drinking liqour, smoking cigarettes and being a sexy as Don Draper.

Andie MacDowell hits the comedy circuit to debut her brand new stand up act. Here's Andie MacDowell like you've never seen her before.

From a few people who watched HBO's 'HUNG' comes a new show about a woman who learns about her own special sexual gift (written by Diablo Cody)

ESPN reporter/host Michelle Beadle and some well behaved pups explain why shelter dogs are the best dogs.

Michelle Jacquet DeSevren Branch is an American Singer songwriter, and actress. During the 2000s, she released two top-selling albums, The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper. In addition she was nominated for the Grammy award for best new artist in 2003 and ended up winning a Grammy with Santana for their hit single "The Game of Love."

Bryan Safi takes us behind the scenes of the Rock the Vote 2012 shoot with Jane Lynch, Josh Duhamel, Eric Stone Streeth and Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family, Kathy Griffin, Michelle Branch, Joel McHale, Miranda Cosgrove, Busy Phillips, Vinny from Jersey Shore as well as Jenna Ushkowitz, Harr...

Michelle Branch has some bike trouble and she meets Colton, Scott and Loafie who try very hard to help her and make her day much better.

Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery is Agent Tough in the hottest new cop drama that's not at all anachronistic, Tough Justice. With a special guest voice appearance by Jon Hamm.

A Short Documentary about The Clash by Ian Rubbish (Fred Armisen). Check out more from The Clash here. http://www.theclash.com http://smarturl.it/sound_system http://smarturl.it/hits_back

Royce Da 5'9" and DJ Premier's new album, PRhyme, is available 12/9. You can pre-order here - http://smarturl.it/ThePRhymeAlbum. Or pre-order the Vinyl LP - http://bit.ly/PRhyme-Amazon2

On this episode of Halal in the Family, Aasif helps Bobby run for high school class president with a little help from a new friend (The Daily Show's Samantha Bee) and cousin Tariq (The Roots' “Black Thought” Trotter). With Sakina Jaffrey (House of Cards). Learn more and get involved at: www.h...

In this episode of Halal in the Family, Aasif makes a new friend (The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper), but when he learns that Wally is Muslim, he becomes suspicious that his new friend is spying on his family. With Sakina Jaffrey (House of Cards) and Nicky Maindiratta. Learn more and get involve...

On this episode of Halal in the Family, Aasif (Aasif Mandvi) hears that his daughter Whitney (Shoba Narayanan) is being bullied at school, he invites the bully over to try to teach her about the dangers of Islamophobia. With Sakina Jaffrey (House of Cards) and Nicky Maindiratta. Learn more and...

In this episode of Halal in the Family, Aasif (Aasif Mandvi) gets scary trying to win the neighborhood Halloween competition by playing up Muslim stereotypes like a ghost in a burka. Also starring Sakina Jaffrey as Fatima Qu’osby, Shoba Narayanan as Whitney Qu’osby and Nicky Maindiratta as Bobby ...

Mikal Cronin and Jonah Ray attempt to recreate the greatest music video of all time.

Mike Epps is an American Stand up Comedian, actor film producer, writer, and rapper. He is best known for his roles as Day-Day Jones in Next Friday and Friday After Next, as well as Black Doug in The Hangover. When Epps isn't filming he is touring the country and performing his comedy act.

Dr. Richard Walker may be a bit ghetto and unorthodox, but he gets results.

Mike Judge is an American animator, director, screenwriter, voice actor, actor, producer, and musician. He is best known as the creator and star of the animated television series Beavis and Butt-head, King of the Hill, The Goode Family, and Silicon Valley. In addition to his work as an animator, Judge has written and directed the cult classic feature films Office Space, Idiocracy and Extract.

The Pied Piper crew is back to unveil a very special scene from the new season of Mike Judge’s 'Silicon Valley,' premiering April 24 on HBO.

Normally people are taxed on their income, President Camacho believes that people should be taxed on their outgo; whatever comes out of them.

President Camacho isn't worried about the Middle East, he's a little more concerned with Mexico right now.

While President Obama is reading his real jobs report, President Camacho talks about jobs from the comfort of his very own throne.

President Camacho speaks to the people of the United States about health care and jobs... and it all leads back to money.

President Camacho is here to tell you what the hell is up with the world so you bitches better sit down and listen.

Mike Magee is a professional soccer player from Elmhurst, Illinois. He currently plays for the MLS' Chicago Fire.

In the spirit of The Superbowl Shuffle and the music of Cory and the Fins, meet our MLS All-Stars as they rap their hit, "We're Better Than the Rest!"

Mike Myers is a Canadian actor, comedian, singer, screenwriter, and film producer. He is most known for his roles in various popular films, including playing the title characters of the films Wayne's World, Austin Powers, and Shrek. He has also been a recurring member of the cast of the NBC sketch show Saturday Night Live.

Mike Myers teaches Kevin Kline about Oscar etiquette. See more Oscars videos at http://oscar.go.com/?cid=funnyordie_oscars

The deleted scenes of Oscar Etiquette with Mike Myers & Kevin Kline. See more Oscars videos at http://oscar.go.com/?cid=funnyordie_oscars

Mike O'Connell is an American actor and writer he is best known for his roles in The Black Dahlia, The Living Wake, and Funny People.

This song shows you how amazing life can be with a little champagne and lilacs.

Bouncing Back From the Shadows! Conrad outlines six steps that will help you get your life back together! No matter how hard you fucked it off! Seriously!

Small Victories are the Only Victories! Conrad explains this pessimistically optimistic way to look at this thing we call life.

Let’s Get Your Rumpate Back! Lost your Rumpate? Conrad will not rest until it has been recaptured!

I’m Gonna Slap That Bullshit Right Out Yer Head! Conrad’s most violent and effective self-betterment exercise!

Find Your Glory Pose! Your present life will seem foolhardy and uneventful after Conrad helps you find your Glory Pose!

Hobbies: Your Worst Enemy! Conrad takes an unflinching look at the sad world of hobbyists! You will wish he had flinched!

Camp Conrad: Five simple ways to sex better! Conrad finally reveals why and how his dick works so good!

Know Your Demon, Name Your Demon! Conrad has an unconventional way for you to control your addiction to almost anything!

Mike O'Connell & Dr Ken www.mikeoconnell.net www.myspace.com/dr_ken

Mike O'Malley is an actor and writer from Massachusetts. Mike was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Burt Hummel the TV show Glee, and he is also a writer on Showtime's Shameless. He has appeared on the TV shows My Name Is Earl, Parenthood, and Parks and Recreation, and in the films 28 Days, Deep Impact, Pushing Tin, Cedar Rapids, Leatherheads, The Perfect Man, Eat Pray Love, So Undercover, and R.I.P.D. Mike is a published playwright having penned Three Years From Thirty and Diverting Devotion.

The remake of 'When Harry Met Sally' that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. Starring Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren and featuring the many talents of Rob Reiner, Adam Scott, Mike Tyson, Rob Riggle, Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Mike O'Malley & Josh Fadem.

Mike Phirman is an American Comedian and Singer/Songwriter. He is best know as half of the musical comedy group Hard 'n Phirm, which he started with friend Chris Hardwick while attending UCLA. Together they've released an album and taped a Comedy Central Presents series. In addition to his work in Hard 'n Phirm, he has also released a solo album called "The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1).

Comedy Death Ray resurrects the classic Lady Marmalade and gives it the proper holiday remix it deserves.

A man makes a declaration at Thanksgiving Dinner for this very special Thanksgiving Song. To get the song, go to http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-very-last-songs-i-will/id379861243

Big Bird gets an internship at Funny Or Die because he wants to be a comedy writer when he grows up.

Funny Or Die News correspondent Mike Scollins visits the Museum of Sex and talks to museum curator, Sarah Forbes, to see just what goes on over there.

Brain surgeon and presidential candidate Ben Carson has released his new campaign commercial!

The former president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, comes out of hiding to help usher in a new era of commerce for his nation.

This weekend, The New York Times reported on the unprecedented assistance from AT&T in the release of billions of customers’ private emails to the NSA. And in an unlikely turn from AT&T’s traditional customer service practices, apparently these guys were all too eager to help.

Mike reviews all the port-a-potties at Pemberton Music Festival 2015.

Someone is smoking marijuana at Governors Ball and Mike Scollins is going to find out who.

If you find yourself at the Governors Ball, there's no wrong way to enjoy the awesome bands, unless you ask them these questions. Mike Scollins talks to Mike Scollins, Echosmith, Noel Gallagher, Death From Above 1979, Logic, St. Vincent, "Weird Al" Yankovic, HOLYCHILD, Streets of Laredo, White Lu...

Funny Or Die News hits the streets to get real world advice for this year's graduating seniors.

Willy Wonka wants Charlie Bucket to take over the ol' Chocolate Factory.

We visited a polling place here in New York to catch all the buzz surrounding this year's momentous local elections.

A couple of Wall Street executives invite the protests to continue. But just for this one, randomly selected day.

The Guarding America's Youth Coalition is taking credit for Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" law, and taking the logical next step: "Don't Say Other Stuff Either."

Supporters of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump discuss what it is about him that is so sexy and why they think his dominant personality will make him the best choice for president this year.

It's not paranoia if they are out to get you.

For the Postseason, Major League Baseball is trying out some new announcer talent from other popular sports. Jack Morris & Charley Steiner are the resident professionals but in the end Major League Baseball realizes that the only thing they need is Marcia Gay Harden.

It's the news that makes sense to your parents.