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2 videos
The Making of: Zac Efron's Pool Party from Justin Long, Thomas Lennon, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Sullivan, Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Queen Latifah, Brody Jenner, Carmen Electra, Lance Bass, Brittany Snow, Jessica Stroup, and Abby Pivaronas
A Behind the Scenes look at the making of Zac Efron's Pool Party.
Zac Efron's Pool Party from Justin Long, Thomas Lennon, showfriendz, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Sullivan, Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Queen Latifah, Brody Jenner, Carmen Electra, Lance Bass, Brittany Snow, Jessica Stroup, Abby Pivaronas, Shauna O'Toole, and BoTown Sound
Zac Efron's Uncle Hank and his girlfriend, Randi, crash Zac's pool party and they just can not be cool.

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3 videos
Starting Over with Brooke Shields from Brooke  Shields, Funny Or Die, Ryan Perez, Joel Spence, Christin Trogan, Rebecca Zamolo, saraweinshenk, AlexWeber, alena mekelburg, will_mclaughlin, Brett Davern, Glen Powell, and Caitlin Smith
Miranda Huntington (Brooke Shields) needs a new lease on life and she's going to follow her dreams until she finds it.
THAT IS ALL from Brooke  Shields, Funny Or Die, Jack McBrayer, Fred Armisen, Paul Rudd, John_Lutz, Justin Long, They Might Be Giants, Jon Hamm, Jason Jones, questlove, John Hodgman, Nas, Paul Feig, Ted Leo, Tom Scharpling, Rob Hatch-Miller, Puloma Basu, Paul Yee, Dick Cavett, Kristen Schaal, Christopher McCulloch, Samantha Bee, Vernon Reid, Scott Adsit, Dutton Books, Jonathan Coulton, and Kenny Shopsin
John Hodgman is The Deranged Millionaire in the trailer for his final book of complete world knowledge.
Brooke Shields in Playground Tales  from Brooke  Shields and Funny Or Die
Brooke Shields wants you to keep it real with your kids.

Unuelea4qp6fu5kzgpjk brooklyndecker
1 video
Brooklyn Decker Threesome from Brooklyn Decker, Zoe Lister-Jones, and Majandra Delfino
Brooklyn Decker just can't help being sexy all the time, and it's becoming a real problem for her roommates.

69jwwcfbsawd8n1hi7lm bruce willis
1 video
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Bruce Willis from Funny Or Die, Zach Galifianakis, Comedy Deathray, Cha-Ching Pictures, Between Two Ferns, Christin Trogan, Scott Aukerman, BoTown Sound, Bruce Willis, and BJPorter
Episode 11: Zach sits down with Bruce Willis; one of the stars of the new movie Red, to talk about the 80s and some of the prestigious awards he has been awarded.

Qfq1dxxxsrmbibodg77s bruno mars
1 video
Bruno Mars' Whatta Man from Kathryn Burns, Funny Or Die, Ryan Perez, Alex Richanbach, Juliet Seniff, NickCorirossi, Drew Brooks, Betsy Koch, Parker Seaman, Avin Das, Chris Mills, Andy Maxwell, Melissa Gould McNeely, Bruno Mars, Mallika Sherawat, Jessica Caban, Funny Or Die Music, and mattmazany
Bruno Mars is here to show you whatta man he is.

1 video
Romantic Encounters: Birthday Boy from romanticencounters, Adam Scott Franklin, melindahill, Matt Oswalt, and Bryan Callen
Melinda Hill surprises Bryan Callen for his birthday, but gets a surprise of her own.

Gch44umss2u62htmua7q bryan cranston
3 videos
Seth Rogen = Worst Person in the World from Funny Or Die, Seth Rogen, Van Robichaux, Bryan Cranston, Max Greenfield, and David Krumholtz
After doing something charitable, Seth Rogen decides it's okay to become the worst person in the world. For more info on Hilarity for Charity visit: http://www.hilarityforcharity.org/
Shit Emmy Award Winning Actors Say from Tim Banning, Funny Or Die, Bryan Cranston, Liam White, rachelgoldenberg, Eric Stonestreet, and Brad Paisley
Crazy Emmy winners, they're always saying stuff like this.
Sense of Smell w/ Bryan Cranston from Funny Or Die, Honor Student, David Neher, Jennie Pierson, Bryan Cranston, Matt and Oz, and BoTown Sound
Iraq War vet Tyler has had enough and finally deals with all of the other rude party guests.

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2 videos
The Hug with Bryce Dallas Howard from Bryan Safi, Funny Or Die, Johanna Parker, Alex Richanbach, BoTown Sound, shannonjoyrodgers, D'Arcy Carden, Ellie del Campo, Candy Lopez, Andy Maxwell, Chris Poole, Melissa Gould McNeely, Jessica Leigh Schwartz, Patrick Finerty, Jason Carden, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Seth Gabel
Nicholas Spark's touching tale of a woman whose love knows no bounds, even if those bounds are restraining orders.
Coming Soon from Funny Or Die with Will Ferrell from Brett Gelman, Will Ferrell, Funny Or Die, David Spade, Tony Hale, Clint Howard, Christopher Meloni, Jim O_Heir, Milla Jovovich, Val Kilmer, Bryce Dallas Howard, Julianne Hough, and Julie Brown
Will Ferrell introduces the upcoming slate of videos coming soon from Funny Or Die.

Zgqyeoqgskopk4uw0ow5 img 7059
1 video
Acting Lessons with David Hasselhoff from David Hasselhoff, Subaru, and Bucky Lasek
The Hoff breaks out all his best tricks to teach rally car driver and skateboarding legend Bucky Lasek how to act.

T61xlafzq8ir6fsuom2c busta rhymes
1 video
BITCHES by The Dummiez from Jordan Vogt-Roberts, JB Smoove, dummiez, E 40, Busta Rhymes, and Nick Cannon
"Bitches" is the world premiere of the newest music video from the biggest rap group in the world: The Dummiez.

10egebrgr5yivgncqidc buzz aldrin
3 videos
Making of Buzz Aldrin's Rocket Experience w/ Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli from Funny Or Die, Ryan Perez, christiansprenger, Buzz Aldrin, Snoop Dogg, BoTown Sound, and Talib Kweli
Buzz Aldrin ( http://buzzaldrin.com ) is an astronaut, a hero, and a hip hop legend. He hits the studio with Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli to record his latest track, Rocket Experience. Quincy Jones and Soulja Boy also weigh in on Buzz's lyrical genius and impact on the music world.
Buzz Aldrin's Rocket Experience from Funny Or Die, christiansprenger, Buzz Aldrin, Snoop Dogg, and Talib Kweli
Full version of Buzz Aldrin's new song "Rocket Experience" A portion of the proceeds from the song sales of Rocket Experience will go to ShareSpace Foundation, to further benefit and support the work of the National Space Society,... more »
Twitter Teaser from Buzz Aldrin
Join Astronaut Buzz Aldrin for a live twittering session on June 21st 2009 @funnyordie.

A67e2niqrdi7uhlsniij c thomas howell
1 video
Tell My Wife with C. Thomas Howell from Funny Or Die, Matty Smith, Brian Lane, rachelgoldenberg, Bruce Wexler, and C Thomas Howell
A wounded cop asks his partner to tell his wife and kids a few things he never got to tell them himself.

Kb2v9xikrtehy9ivymgr caitlin crosby
2 videos
Defeat the Label from Funny Or Die, Jamie Kaler, Jesse McCartney, Zachary Levi, ellhoof, Christin Trogan, Robin Thede, Christopher Farah, Caitlin Crosby, Alyson Stoner, Ayla Kell, Lucas Grabeel, Kenny Wormald, Meagan Good, Meaghan Martin, and Tyler Ritter
Join more than a million students around the world on Friday, May 4 at noon EST by standing up to bullying. For more info, go to www.stand4change.org.
Hollywood Takes a Stand Against Planking from Funny Or Die, Charles Ingram, NickCorirossi, Marielle Jaffe, Sara Paxton, Jake Abel, Kyle Gallner, David Henrie, Caitlin Crosby, Lindsey Broad, and Cody Horn
The young stars of Hollywood take a stand against planking.

R0oclpmrqj2sizt6yjp9 cam gigandet
2 videos
Fan Invasion! Part 2! from Michael Busch, Nick Thune, Cam Gigandet, James Pumphrey, Rob Getzschman, Kevin Parker Flynn, and Nick's BIG Talk Show
It's adventure on the high seas when Nick Thune and the NBTS team pay a surprise visit to a special fan.
Cam Gigandet vs. Twilight Fans from Brad Schulz, Funny Or Die, Ryan Perez, MTV Movie Awards 2009, Kat Bardot, and Cam Gigandet
James from Twilight fends off some crazy tween fans.

Qsl9uf8yqjwyzqcmmnsm cameron%20esposito
1 video
Hardball Canada from Funny Or Die, Drew Droege, James Adomian, Steve Agee, Joe Roche, Andy Bush, Betsy Koch, Chris Poole, Matt Sweeney, Ben Forman, Jessica Leigh Schwartz, Aaron Ulrich, Eleanor Winkler, Rick Mader, John Roy, Rhea Butcher, and Cameron Esposito
Chris Matthews turns up the heat on Hardball Canada!

3d4jx98fsswp8e5nlvzf camilla belle
1 video
Dirty Dancing 3: Capoeira Nights with Camilla Belle & Jesse Williams from Jake Szymanski, Antonio Scarlata, Brad Schulz, Funny Or Die, Kevin Oeser, Shauna O'Toole, Ally Hord, Alex Fernie, BoTown Sound, Camilla Belle, Jesse Williams, David Hunt, and Betsy Koch
In the final installment of the Dirty Dancing Trilogy; our heroine is forced to dance for her life in the exciting and sexy world of capoeira in Dirty Dancing 3: Capoeira Nights!

N1gsnmbgqluu5ajybfv1 carla facciolo
1 video
Mob Wives 2: The Christening from Antonio Scarlata, Funny Or Die, Ryan Perez, Sophia Bush, jacobreed, PatB, Lucia Aniello, rachelgoldenberg, Drea de Matteo, D'Arcy Carden, Carla Facciolo, and Karen Gravano
VH1's Mob Wives reunite for a christening, only to find the blessed event disrupted by screaming, yelling, punching, ripping and all sorts of DRAMA! Check out Mob Wives on Sundays at 8/7c.

9tv8xaz6qlswooofozdi carlos bocanegra
1 video
HIGH-FIVE WORLD CUP!! from Almost Twins, Funny Or Die, Sharlto Copley, OneGoal, Shakira Isabel, Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra, Landon Donovan, Franz Beckenbauer, Quinton Fortune, and Ban Ki Moon
The Montage hit South Africa in support of 1goal.org

Ldqdulkmtfm0ev4jgkp6 carlton cuse
2 videos
Carlton Cuse and C.J. Wilson Get Ready for Opening Day from Carlton Cuse and CJ Wilson
Carlton Cuse (writer/executive producer of LOST) joins forces with CJ Wilson of the Texas Rangers to talk cardio before opening day of the 2011 Major League Baseball season. Little does CJ know, all cardio involves chores.
Sizzle Alert: LOST with Sarah Silverman! from Funny Or Die, Comedy Deathray, Danny Jelinek, Sarah Silverman, Shauna O'Toole, Brian Lane, Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, and Scott Aukerman
Sarah Silverman sits down with LOST executive producers Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof to discuss what mysteries will be revealed on LOST on the finale.

Yojwjfwhtp68new4n6xd carly craig
2 videos
The Last Straw from Lisa Schurga, Carly Craig, Jean Villepique, and kylesegal
A woman's controlled and polite facade cracks spectacularly at a party in front of her very embarrassed husband and an audience of his co-workers.
Carly Craig's Sexy Photoshoot for Maxim from Funny Or Die, Carly Craig, Christin Trogan, kevinstewart, BoTown Sound, and Carly Craig
Carly Craig sits down for a behind the scenes chat on the set of her sexy Maxim photoshoot. To watch her photo shoot, go to http://www.maxim.com/amg/GIRLS/Girls+of+Maxim/Carly+Craig