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Sigourney weaver 2031510
1 video
You Again Cast Fight from lauren, Funny Or Die, Kristen Bell, Betty White, You_Again, Odette Yustman, and Sigourney Weaver
The cast of "You Again" (Kristen Bell, Betty White, Sigourney Weaver, Odette Yustman) sit down for an interview and it turns ugly, quickly.

Simon helberg picture
2 videos
Young Paul Ryan from Anne Rieman, Funny Or Die, Ryan Perez, Brian Lane, Simon Helberg, rachelgoldenberg, Bill Kottkamp, Marcia Gay Harden, Zachary Gordon, Matthew Van Oss, and juliettegoglia
The epic story of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan as a teenager in 1984 Janesville, Wisconsin.
The Committee Ep 2: Butterfly Enclosure w/ Simon Helberg & Rich Sommer from Funny Or Die, Danny Jelinek, Rich Sommer, Shauna O'Toole, Christin Trogan, Drew Pearce, Kathryn Joosten, and Simon Helberg
Every year, the U.S. Patents Office copyrights 57 new sex acts. Who gets those patents is decided by Mr. Stevens and Mrs. Davis - collectively known as The Committee. In each episode, a different hopeful pitches to the Department of Amatory... more »

2 videos
The Olympic Ticket Scalper with Sir Patrick Stewart, Ryan Lochte, Simon Pegg & Maisie Williams from Funny Or Die, Brian Lane, Patrick Stewart, Charles Ingram, NickCorirossi, Simon Pegg, Betsy Koch, Ryan Lochte, and Maisie Williams
Sir Patrick Stewart stars as the Godfather of scalping tickets for the grandest event of them all....The 2012 London Olympics.
Funny or Die vs. Area 51 from Funny Or Die, Alex Fernie, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost
We would tell you more but they won't let us.

1 video
Hollywood On Vine with Simon Rex from Funny Or Die, andymilonakis, Dashiell Driscoll, Avin Das, Matt Sweeney, Caleb Swyers, Katy Walker, and Simon Rex
Simon Rex finds out what's going on Vine in Hollywood.

Pierre Bouvier - vocals Chuck Comeau - drums, backing vocals David Desrosiers - bass, backing vocals Sebastien Lefebvre - guitar, backing vocals Jeff Stinco - lead guitar Simple Plan on myspace http//www.myspace.com/simpleplan NEW ALBUM IN STORES NOW!!
1 video
Time Capsule with Simple Plan from Simple Plan and CaleHartmann
Ten years ago, Simple Plan buried their most important possessions in a time capsule. Today they open it.

3 videos
Jersey Shore Politics from Nick Wiger, Funny Or Die, Ally Hord, LOOSEWORLD, Snooki, Andy Maxwell, Deena Nicole Cortese, The Situation, JWoww, Ronnie Ortiz Magro, Pauly D, Vinny Guadagnino, Sammi Giancola, and Live Funny or Die
The cast of the Jersey Shore have a very serious fight that may lead to the end of the house as we know it.
The Scent of Snooki from Snooki Perfume and Snooki
Snooki perfume. It's a real product.
The REAL Situation (Feat. MTV Jersey Shore's The Situation, Snooki, and Pauly D) from MoranisLover, BrettGursky, Snooki, The Situation, and Pauly D
Sometimes even The Situation, can't face The Situation.

Snoop dogg
5 videos
Willy Gee - The Original Colt 45 Spokesman from Snoop Dogg and Colt 45
See the story of Willy Gee, the original spokesman for Colt 45. Includes recently discovered footage of Willy Gee spots.
Snoop Dogg vs LL Cool J: The Ultimate Halo Smack Down  from Snoop Dogg, Zachary Levi, Halo: Reach, and LL Cool J
The Ultimate Halo Smackdown pits hip-hop legends Snoop Dogg and LL Cool J against each other in an epic multi-player match of Halo: Reach. It also features a couple unexpected cameos as each player trash talks their way to complete domination.
Snoop Dogg's Closet from Drew Antzis, Funny Or Die, Snoop Dogg, Stephen Marley, and Verne Troyer
Snoop Dogg kicks off the Blazed and Confused tour from his closet.
Making of Buzz Aldrin's Rocket Experience w/ Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli from Funny Or Die, Ryan Perez, christiansprenger, Buzz Aldrin, Snoop Dogg, BoTown Sound, and Talib Kweli
Buzz Aldrin ( http://buzzaldrin.com ) is an astronaut, a hero, and a hip hop legend. He hits the studio with Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli to record his latest track, Rocket Experience. Quincy Jones and Soulja Boy also weigh in on Buzz's lyrical genius and impact on the music world.
Buzz Aldrin's Rocket Experience from Funny Or Die, christiansprenger, Buzz Aldrin, Snoop Dogg, and Talib Kweli
Full version of Buzz Aldrin's new song "Rocket Experience" A portion of the proceeds from the song sales of Rocket Experience will go to ShareSpace Foundation, to further benefit and support the work of the National Space Society,... more »

Sofia vergara elton big
1 video
Nuthin' But A Glee Thang with Heather Morris, Matthew Morrison & Sofia Vergara from Funny Or Die, Riki Lindhome, Shauna O'Toole, Christin Trogan, BoTown Sound, Brian Mulchy, Ash Lendzion, David Bernad, Isaac Hagy, Heather Morris, Sofia Vergara, Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith, Harry Shum Jr, Naya Rivera, Keith Schofield, and Funny Or Die Music
Heather Morris and the cast of GLEE put their own stamp on the Dr. Dre classic NUTHIN’ BUT A 'G' THANG.

2 videos
Additional Scenes: The Wire Musical with Michael Kenneth Williams from Funny Or Die, Matt and Oz, BoTown Sound, PatB, Ellie del Campo, Martin C Vallejo, Andre Royo, Michael Kenneth Williams, Sonja Sohn, Larry Gilliard Jr, Felicia Pearson, and Faizon Love
An exclusive look at some additional scenes from The Wire: The Musical with Michael Kenneth Williams, Sonja Sohn, Larry Gillard Jr., Andre Royo and Faizon Love.
The Wire: The Musical with Michael Kenneth Williams from Kathryn Burns, Funny Or Die, Joe Hartzler, Kat Bardot, Matt and Oz, BoTown Sound, PatB, Dave Theune, Ben Parks, Betsy Koch, Ellie del Campo, Martin C Vallejo, Andre Royo, Michael Kenneth Williams, Michael Kimbrew, Sonja Sohn, Larry Gilliard Jr, Felicia Pearson, Faizon Love, freedome, Isaac Laskin, Funny Or Die Music, and mattmazany
Michael Kenneth Williams stars alongside Sonja Sohn, Larry Gillard Jr., Andre Royo & Felicia "Snoop" Pearson from The Wire in The Wire: The Musical where they will allow you to experience America's failing drug war through the magic of song!

3 videos
Mob Wives 2: The Christening from Antonio Scarlata, Funny Or Die, Ryan Perez, Sophia Bush, jacobreed, PatB, Lucia Aniello, rachelgoldenberg, Drea de Matteo, D'Arcy Carden, Carla Facciolo, and Karen Gravano
VH1's Mob Wives reunite for a christening, only to find the blessed event disrupted by screaming, yelling, punching, ripping and all sorts of DRAMA! Check out Mob Wives on Sundays at 8/7c.
Mob Wives with Sophia Bush & Drea de Matteo from Funny Or Die, Chris Kelly, Sophia Bush, BoTown Sound, Lucia Aniello, Eli Goldstein, rachelgoldenberg, Drea de Matteo, D'Arcy Carden, and Ellie del Campo
The Mob Wives regret last night's dinner party where they all beat each other's faces in (because they're better than that), so they've decided to throw another dinner party to smooth things over and beat each other's faces in.
A Gaythering Storm from lauren, Brad Schulz, Funny Or Die, Liz Feldman, Lance Bass, Jane Lynch, George Takei, Alicia Silverstone, Sarah Chalke, Jason Lewis, Sophia Bush, and Live Funny or Die
There is a storm being caused by gay marriage and we are all in serious trouble. This is a parody of NOM's Anti-Gay Marriage PSA. Watch the original http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp76ly2_NoI&e and then contribute to equal rights at http://www.hrc.org

1 video
Twitter Celebrates its 5th Anniversary from Funny Or Die, Perez Hilton, kevinstewart, Charles Ingram, NickCorirossi, Ray Wise, and Soulja Boy
On the 5th Anniversary of the first tweet on Twitter, this documentary takes a look back at the history of twitter and some of its more impressive tweets.

Key art talkshow with spike feresten
1 video
Spike Feresten Fame Calculator from Spike Feresten
How many Spike Ferestens does it take to equal the fame of...?

1 video
The Beastie Boys Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win ft. Santigold from Funny Or Die, Beastie Boys, Spike Jonze, and Santigold
The Beastie Boys are back for a brand new adventure in their newest music video directed by Spike Jonze. This video figures to have quite a bit of action in it.

X66tlisquywq0v4wpe58 profilepic spoilsofbabylon 1
5 videos
The Spoils of Babylon – One Episode Left from Will Ferrell, Funny Or Die, Kristen Wiig, Haley Joel Osment, Tobey Maguire, and Spoils of Babylon
Catch the epic finale of The Spoils of Babylon this Thursday, 10/9c only on IFC
The Spoils of Babylon – Enchantment Under The Sea from Kristen Wiig, Jessica Alba, Tobey Maguire, and Spoils of Babylon
A confrontation between lovers past and present stirs the waters of Devon’s underwater lab. Thursday nights at 10/9c on IFC
The Spoils of Babylon – Winston Morehouse Takes a Seat of Power from Funny Or Die, Kristen Wiig, Haley Joel Osment, and Spoils of Babylon
With his mother ailing, Winston takes control of Morehouse Conglomerated. Thursday nights at 10/9c on IFC
The Spoils of Babylon – The Legacy of Jonas Morehouse from Funny Or Die, Tobey Maguire, Tim Robbins, and Spoils of Babylon
Devon Morehouse shares a close moment with his father, Jonas, and Jonas’ cane. Thursday nights at 10/9c on IFC
The Spoils of Babylon – Introducing the New Mrs. Devon Morehouse from Funny Or Die, Kristen Wiig, Tobey Maguire, Tim Robbins, and Spoils of Babylon
Devon returns home from the war with his new bride, Lady Anne York, much to the dismay of his sister Cynthia. Thursday nights at 10/9c on IFC

3 videos
STACEY DASH IS NORMAL: Pothead Nanny from supremelysimple and Stacey Dash
Stacey is forced to fire her latest nanny after finding medical grade pot she left in her young daughter's room.
STACEY DASH IS NORMAL teaser from ryanhoward, supremelysimple, and Stacey Dash
Stacey Dash plays an over-the-top, conflicted version of herself in this new scripted comedy series. http://twitter.com/realstaceydash http://twitter.com/abeschwartz info@supremelysimple.com

1 video
Champagne & Lilacs with Mike O'Connell from Funny Or Die, Mike O'Connell, and Stacy Keibler
This song shows you how amazing life can be with a little champagne and lilacs.

Stan lee 580x
1 video
Stan Lee's Oscar Campaign from Josh Simpson, Antonio Scarlata, Funny Or Die, Chad Carter, Shauna O'Toole, Stan Lee, and Laurel_Pochucha
Stan Lee makes his case to the Academy Awards for his long overdue Oscar Award in the Cameo Artist Category.

1 video
The Tournament Challenge Challenged from Nick Wiger, Funny Or Die, Nic Nac Nicotera, Christin Trogan, questlove, Jesse Williams, Matthew Morrison, Janina Gavankar, Kyle Bornheimer, Mark Valley, Cody Horn, Orlando Jones, Avin Das, Andy Maxwell, Stan Verrett, Chris O'Donnell, Ahna O'Reilly, Alphonso McAuley, and Jahvid Best
Celebrities and athletes join forces to raise awareness about the Tournament Challenge challenged; to help, visit ESPN.com/bracket, make your picks and show people how to make smart choices

Ijhukxu4tkae7gppwt38 sw 243ko r
1 video
Grab This Ball! from Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Ben Stiller, Bill Hader, Jon_Stewart, Sarah Silverman, Taran Killam, Paul Rudd, David Walliams, Rashida Jones, Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Rex Lee, Eddie Izzard, Tim Roth, Hannibal Buress, Bobby Moynihan, Richard Branson, Rachel Dratch, Eric Idle, Secret Policeman's Ball, John Oliver, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Robert De Niro, Whoopi Goldberg, Kyra Sedgwick, Annette O'Toole, Jason Sudeikis, Seth Meyers, Jay Pharaoh, Liam Neeson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Statler & Waldorf, Beavis & Butthead, Coldplay, and Mumford & Sons
50 top US & UK comedians - all squeezed into a 2-minute teaser for Amnesty International's new DVD/Blu-ray "The Secret Policeman's Ball - USA". www.SecretPolicemansBallUSA.com

Picture 2
1 video
Lez Chat from Nicol  Paone, Kyle Dunnigan, Funny Or Die, Nick Kroll, Jen Kirkman, Clea DuVall, Kat Bardot, Brian Lane, Tig Notaro, Sandra Bernhard, Lucy Lawless, Kate Moennig, Stef Willen, and Nicole Randall Johnson
Do you fantasize about eavesdropping on private conversations between real lesbians? Now you can by calling Lez Chat!