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President Bill Clinton is a politician from Arkansas. He was the 42nd President of the United States who took office from 1993 to 2001. He is the husband to fellow politician, Hillary Clinton.
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Clinton Foundation: Celebrity Division
Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Jack Black, Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen & Kevin Spacey, who comprise the Clinton Foundation's Celebrity Division, sit down to brainstorm ideas for the Clinton Foundation's 10th Anniversary. Everything is going great until they get a call from Pre...

President Camacho is a fictional president played by Terry Crews. He is the president in the year 2505 and was formerly a professional wrestler and porn star.
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President Camacho-The Election
President Camacho is here to tell you what the hell is up with the world so you bitches better sit down and listen.
President Camacho-The Economy
President Camacho speaks to the people of the United States about health care and jobs... and it all leads back to money.
President Camacho-Jobs
While President Obama is reading his real jobs report, President Camacho talks about jobs from the comfort of his very own throne.
President Camacho-Middle East
President Camacho isn't worried about the Middle East, he's a little more concerned with Mexico right now.
President Camacho-Outgo Tax
Normally people are taxed on their income, President Camacho believes that people should be taxed on their outgo; whatever comes out of them.
President Camacho-Live Chat
President Camacho took some questions from the people of these United States and here's what he had to say.

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"Climate Change Deniers' Anthem" starring January Jones, Jennette McCurdy, Darren Criss & Many More...
Move over, "We Are the World." Billionaire conservatives the Koch brothers assembled an all-star chorus of superstars to sing a song about climate change denial. It's an anthem that will go down in pop-music infamy. With January Jones, Jennette McCurdy, Darren Criss, Beau Bridges, Estelle, Emily ...

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The Confrontation w/ Casey Wilson, June Diane Raphael, and Pusha T
June Diane Raphael, Casey Wilson, and Pusha T take on the epic roles of Javert and Jean Valjean from Les Miserables in "The Confrontation." Directed by Stoney Sharp With June Diane Raphael, Casey Wilson, Pusha T, Drew Droege, Betsy Sodaro, Morgan Walsh and Tymberlee Hill June Diane Rapha...

Queen latifah
Queen Latifah is a rapper, singer-songwriter, comedic actress, and model from New Jersey. Her rapping career rose her to fame and she is considered as one of hip-hop's pioneer feminists. In acting, she is best known for her roles in Chicago, Hairspray, and Taxi. She has won multiple acting and music awards. She is also a spokesmodel for CoverGirl Cosmetics.
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Zac Efron's Pool Party
Zac Efron's Uncle Hank and his girlfriend, Randi, crash Zac's pool party and they just can not be cool.
The Making of: Zac Efron's Pool Party
A Behind the Scenes look at the making of Zac Efron's Pool Party.

Queen rania
Queen Rania is the Queen of Jordan, married to King Abdullah II. She is passionate about quality education in Jordan. She advocates for global education and community empowerment.
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Queen Rania for 1Goal: World Cup Edition
Queen Rania of Jordan speaks about her charity for schoolchildren called 1Goal. There are a lot of goals of 1Goal, not just one.
1Goal PSA Gone Wrong w/ Jessica Alba, Matt Damon, Shakira, John Legend & Queen Rania
Celebrities join Queen Rania of Jordan in asking World Cup fans to sign up at join1goal.org to call on world leaders to make education for the 72 million children out of school the lasting legacy of this World Cup.

questlove is a DJ, record producer, and musician from Pennsylvania. He is best known for his involvement in the Grammy-winning band, The Roots. His band is currently the in-house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
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John Hodgman is The Deranged Millionaire in the trailer for his final book of complete world knowledge.
The Tournament Challenge Challenged
Celebrities and athletes join forces to raise awareness about the Tournament Challenge challenged; to help, visit ESPN.com/bracket, make your picks and show people how to make smart choices
The Alabama Face Guy: Los Angeles
You may recognize his giant face from Crimson Tide basketball games. But who is the man who holds the face?
Parks and Recreation Is The Wu-Tang Of Comedy
Roots drummer and television scholar Questlove proves the connection between Parks and Recreation and the Wu-Tang Clan with never-seen-before audition footage.

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Quinton is a former soccer player from South Africa. In addition to playing for Manchester United, Atletico Madrid, and Bolton Wanderers, he has earned 46 caps for South Africa and played in two World Cup events.
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The Montage hit South Africa in support of 1goal.org

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NCIS: Ibiza
With Steve Aoki, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Borgore, Brazzabelle, Crookers, Destructo, Martin Garrix, Gladiator, Ryan Hemsworth, Keys N Krates, Moby, Ookay, R3hab, Nile Rodgers, What So Not, and Alison Wonderland. Coming this fall to CBS.

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Rachael Harris is a comedic actress from Ohio. She is best known for her work in the films The Hangover, Wreck-It Ralph, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She has also appeared in the TV shows Modern Family, Party Down, Archer, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Desperate Housewives.
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Funny or Die Turns One!
Birthday wishes from some of FOD's favorite people like Human Giant, Dr. Ken, Elaine Boosler, and Pearl.
or You'll Get a Spanking
Rachael Harris threatens you with a spanking if you don't register and vote. www.declareyourself.com
Cougar 101 with Hunter Parrish
Looking to catch a cougar? Weeds star Hunter Parrish tells you how.
Yogurt is so Good...
Being gang banged by your University's acapella group good!
21 Accents with Rachael Harris
Comedienne Rachael Harris attempts almost two dozen accents in order to stay competitive with actresses like Amy Walker (http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/bb7fb85452)
Danny Boy with Rachael Harris
Internet star Amy Walker blessed us with her rendition of "Danny Boy". Now, comedienne Rachael Harris does the same.
Chris Kattan Tries Gay for Pay
The economy is affecting everyone. Even Chris Kattan.
HOSTAGE: A Love Story with Zachary Quinto
A hostage and a hostage-taker get dangerously close to one another.
Grow your own longer, darker, fuller lashes!
Hold Up w/ Ed Helms, Malin Akerman, Rachael Harris & Rob Huebel
Premiering on Funny Or Die Presents Feb. 19th on HBO @ Midnight
Sneak Peak at Episode 6 of Funny Or Die Presents
A sneak peak at episode 6 of Funny Or Die Presents with an exclusive look at the newest episode of Want to See a Dead Body with Rob Huebel and Rachael Harris. To see the whole thing tune in this Friday at midnight on HBO!

Rachael Leigh Cook is a model and actress from Minnesota. She is best known for her work in the films She's All That, Antitrust, Get Carter, and Josie and the Pussycats. More recently, she played Kate Moretti on the TV series, Perception, and voices many characters for Robot Chicken.
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First Kiss with Rachael Leigh Cook & Chad Michael Murray
A first kiss can sweep you off your feet. Over and over and over and over...
Queen of Etsy with Rachael Leigh Cook, Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Tracey Gold
Etsy is run by a maniacal queen named Ellie Harper (Rachael Leigh Cook). After Maggie Chester (Tracey Gold) is attacked by the Queen of Etsy, FBI Agent Michael Peck (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) investigates.

Rachael Ray is a celebrity chef and TV host from New York. She is best known for her her eponymous talk show, Rachael Ray, as well as 30 Minute Meals, Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels, and $40 a Day. She has won two Daytime Emmy Awards, written numerous cookbooks, and is the publisher of her own lifestyle magazine, Every Day.
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Rachael Ray's New Catchphrase
Rachael Ray is ready to introduce her new catchphrase to the world and you can be one of the first to know it.

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Throwing Shade #52: Jack and Rachel Antonoff
Erin and Bryan are going to see Ghost the Musical, and they're NOT doing it sober. Plus, one of the world's greatest sopranos is also one of the world's biggest homophobes. And finally, Jack Antonoff from the bands fun. and Bleachers and his fashion designer sister, Rachel, stop by to throw shade...

Ryglvskrroyo3wosg03s rachel bilson head shot
Rachel Bilson is an actress from California. After her breakout role as Summer Roberts on FOX's The O.C., she went on to appear on the television shows Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, That 70's Show, and Hart of Dixie. Her film credits include The Last Kiss, Jumper, Waiting For Forever, L!fe Happens, and The To Do List.
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Rachel Bilson's Deleted Sex Scene
Exclusive sex scene from Rachel Bilson's upcoming film "Hearts of Palm"...Is that a body double?
Call Me Doctor with Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson raps. If you don't know, now you know! Like the song, download it here: http://www.facebook.com/StrongMedicine

Rachel Dratch is an actress, writer, and comedian from Massachusetts. After appearing as a cast member on SNL until 2006, she appeared in the films Just Go With It, Click, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, and in the television series Parks and Recreation, Broad City, 30 Rock, and Bob's Burgers.
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Teacher Of The Year
“Teacher of The Year” is a day in the life of Ethan Collins, a severely depressed, foul-mouthed elementary school teacher. Ethan shares his thoughts on life, love, and the historical accuracy of the school textbooks with his third grade class, who he must rely on, in addition to a kindhearted col...
Watch Rachel Dratch Run The Julia Roberts Obstacle Course!
Rachel Dratch runs the world's first Julia Robstacle Course on Billy on the Street. Follow Billy on Twitter @BillyEichner
Billy & Rachel's Halloween Adventure
Billy Eichner and Rachel Dratch enjoy a nice, safe Halloween adventure through New York.
Grab This Ball!
50 top US & UK comedians - all squeezed into a 2-minute teaser for Amnesty International's new DVD/Blu-ray "The Secret Policeman's Ball - USA". www.SecretPolicemansBallUSA.com
Billy on the Street: Can Rachel Dratch Name 20 White People?
Billy On The Street airs every Thursday on truTV. Follow Billy on Twitter @BillyEichner.
The Dratchelor Season Premiere
Rachel Dratch comments on the most important television event of our lifetime; season 19 of The Bachelor on ABC.
The Dratchelor EP 2: Tractor Race
Rachel Dratch recaps Season 19, Episode 2 of 'The Bachelor,' which includes a round of zombie paintball, a tractor race, and a 26-year-old virgin.
The Dratchelor EP 3: Jimmy Kimmel
Rachel Dratch recaps Season 19, Episode 3 of 'The Bachelor,' which features guest host Jimmy Kimmel.
The Dratchelor PreCap: Bikini Tops, Bikini Bottoms, And Unethical Editing
Rachel Dratch pregames Season 19 Episode 5 of 'The Bachelor.'
The Dratchelor PreCap: The Love Guru
Rachel Dratch tells you everything you need to know to pregame for tonight's episode (Season 19 Episode 6) of 'The Bachelor.'
Dratchelor Precap: Double Episode Spectacular
Rachel Dratch tells you everything you need to know to pregame for a double dose of 'The Bachelor.'
The Dratchelor PreCap: Over-Bachelorated
Rachel Dratch tells you everything you need to know to enjoy tonight's episode (Week 9) of 'The Bachelor.'
The Dratchelor: Fantasy Suite
In the latest episode of The Dratchelor, Rachel admits that she is starting to doubt Chris' motives.
Dratchelor PreCap Special: Rachel Dratch Interviews Bachelor Contestant Ashley I.
In a Dratchelor special preview for tonight's Season Finale, Rachel Dratch interviews Bachelor contestant Ashley Iaconetti.
The Dratchelor: Season Finale
Rachel Dratch recaps an insane season of 'The Bachelor' (and 'The Dratchelor').

Rainn Wilson is an actor from Washington. He is best known for his Emmy-nominated role as Dwight Schrute on The Office. He has appeared in the television series Six Feet Under, and Backstrom, as well as the films Juno, and Super. He is the founder of the website SoulPancake, which was launched in 2009.
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Blitzen Trapper Massacre (starring Rainn Wilson)
2011 Comedic Short Film from Rainn Wilson & Joshua Homnick with Blitzen Trapper Blitzen Trapper on Sub Pop http://www.subpop.com

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Raise the River vs. Move the Ocean: Teaser
Robert Redford catches wind of Will Ferrell's dueling campaign about how to solve the problem in the Colorado River Delta. Follow their feud at raisetheriver.org.
Raise the River/PSA vs. Move the Ocean/Solution
See Robert Redford and Will Ferrell explain their plans to restore the Colorado River Delta. Pick a side! Follow their feud at raisetheriver.org.
Raise the River/Keep the Focus vs. Move the Ocean/Surfers
See Robert Redford and Will Ferrell debate over the people most affected by the drying of the Colorado River Delta. Pick a side! Follow their feud at raisetheriver.org.
Raise the River/Seek Help vs. Move the Ocean/Bootstrappedness
Robert Redford and Will Ferrell go head to head with one another about the best way to resolve the issue facing the Colorado River Delta. Follow their feud at raisetheriver.org.
Raise the River vs. Move the Ocean. Full Story.
See Robert Redford and Will Ferrell debate over the best way to restore the Colorado River Delta. Pick a side! Follow their feud at RaisetheRiver.org and MoveTheOcean.org.

Ralph macchio 2008
Ralph Macchio is an actor from New York. He is best known for his role as Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid film series. He also appeared in the TV shows How I Met Your Mother, Robot Chicken, Ugly Betty, and Dancing with the Stars.
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Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio
In his new movie, Ralph Macchio faces his toughest challenge yet; to become a Hollywood bad boy. With Karate Kid returning to the big screen, his career fading his friends and family are forced to stage an intervention. In order to re-establish himself in the entertainment industry he hits the s...

Rampage Jackson is a mixed martial artist, pro wrestler, and actor from Tennessee. He has appeared in the films The A-Team, and Bad Guys and on television in UFC's The Ultimate Fighter 7, and The Cleveland show.
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Rampage Jackson is the World's Worst Bodyguard
Rampage Jackson may know how to fight when it comes to the UFC but it's pretty clear that he would be the worst bodyguard in the world.

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Shake It Like a White Lady Ft. Nick Cannon, JB Smoove, Randy Jackson
Nick Cannon and the Cannonballs show a tough crowd how to party. From Nick Cannon's new album "White People Party Music".