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Jon Daly is a comedian, writer, and actor from Pennsylvania.
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Rich Dicks
These two guys are rich, on the prowl and ready to party at a moments notice. They're also dicks.
Will Smith's Cry For Help
On the 20th anniversary of this now classic song, Jon Daly pulls back the veil of innocence to reveal the true pain of the Fresh Prince.
Rob Van Winkle
Rip Van Winkle is shocked to find that his only son grew up to become Vanilla Ice.
Barry R's - Magnum Smoothus
Barry R's music has no barriers. Pick up his album today.
The Fourth Flop Top
Lost Footage! The Flop Tops invade America!
Death Panels Are Real (Part 2)
Nathan Death's heart is still breaking.
The Ed Hardy Boyz: The Case of the Missing Sick Belt Buckle
Bobby Bottleservice (Nick Kroll) and Peter Paparazzo (Jon Daly) are the Ed Hardy Boyz. They're equally sick at getting girls as they are at solving mysteries. With the help of Christian Audigier, King of the Ed Hardy fashion empire, they're working super hard to make our world a more dope place, ...
The Ed Hardy Boyz 2 Trailer
The Ed Hardy Boyz are back to solve a new mystery.
The Ed Hardy Boyz 2: The Case of When That Hot Filipina Girl Lost Her Tramp Stamp At Mini-Golf
Bobby Bottleservice (Nick Kroll) and Peter Papparazzo (Jon Daly) embark on another adventure of solving crimes and being good at girls. They are joined by a powerhouse ensemble of Ed Hardy nation's finest.
The Red Roof Inn Chronicles
Two lovers try to rekindle the dying embers of their marriage at the best hotel in town...
Didn't you read the fucking title? It pretty much sums up the whole video, gaylord.
It's a helpful guide to making friends the right way, via chatroulette.com!
Death Panels Are Real (Part 3)
Death has a chance meeting with "Melrose Place" star Jessica Lucas.
When you smoke at a house party, as soon as you meet the Jammerz your night and quite possibly your life will change forever.
My Imaginary Friend is Fabio
Wondering what Fabio's been up to? He's been in comedian Jon Daly's mind.
Human Centipede Anonymous
Three men grapple with their past as a Human Centipede.
We Are The World 25.75
The Comedy Death-Ray Christmas Nativity Choir gets together to sing We Are The World this holiday season with Sarah Silverman, Kurt Russell, Thomas Lennon, Kevin Nealon, Weird Al and many more of their friends.
BillCosby Bukowski
BillCosby Bukowski, America's Jelloet Laureate, recites a new Jelloem.
Bieber 2051
Middle-aged Justin Bieber searches for inspiration in a broken world.
Dear Woman
Based on the "Manifesto for Conscious Men," balance your energies and allow for a new wave of evolution on our planet. See the original at http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/cf2ffccba6/dear-woman-original
Ticklish Cage
Move over Nicolas Cage, it's time for Ticklish Cage.
BillCosby Bukowski Part 2
Jell-oet Laureate Bill Cosby Bukowski recites his new Jell-oem, "The Most Fuckable Huxtable".
A few average days in the lives of Hugo & Otis
The Sappity Tappity Show
Join your favourite Drunk English Rollerblading Pine Tree as he hangs out with all his cool friends!
Viral Content
Bill Cosby Bukowski Presents: The jPhone LIME
Bill Cosby Bukowski talks up his new smartphone to investors.
The Postal Service Auditions
Sub Pop Records held auditions in 2002 to fill out the rest of Postal Service. Before today, these auditions had never been seen by the public.
My Imaginary Friend is Kenny G
Jon Daly loses an imaginary friend…but makes a new one.
Fred Armisen Joins The Flaming Lips
Fred Armisen proves he has what it takes to replace Wayne Coyne as lead singer of The Flaming Lips after the band officially sells out.
The Flaming Lips Sell Out
After releasing their Funny Or Die–produced masterpiece, 'Flaming Side of the Moon,' a companion album to Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon,' The Flaming Lips take the only logical next step and sell out big time.

Jon Dore is an actor and comedian from Canada.
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When a reformed child molester is released from prison, he accidentally wanders in to the ultimate "what if" scenario. Starring Jon Dore as Allan "The Diaper Swiper" and Jerrod Carmichael as the friendly Blind Man.

Jon Favreau is an actor, screenwriter, and director from Queens, New York.
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The Future of CGI w/ Michael Bay, Jon Favreau, Ray Liotta and Paul Scheer & Rob Huebel
Ray Liotta, Michael Bay & Jon Favreau talk about the future of CGI with motion capture experts, Paul Scheer & Rob Huebel.

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Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Jon Hamm
Episode 3: Zach interviews Jon Hamm of AMC's Mad Men.
"Lex Luthor Bailout" with Jon Hamm
Even Lexcorp is affected by the current financial crisis.
Protect Insurance Companies PSA
Hollywood speaks out to help insurance companies
Music Time With Jennie P: SXSW
Jennie takes her show down to the SXSW music festival to ask musical bands some hard hitting questions.
Herman Dune "Tell Me Something I Don't Know"
A young runaway yeti embarks on an adventure into the human world and along the way, makes an unexpected friend in Jon Hamm. Herman Dune's new music video for "Tell Me Something I Don't Know," directed by Toben Seymour.
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Will Ferrell
Episode 13: Zach sits down with Will Ferrell, the star of Everything Must Go, Anchorman and Old School, to talk about lunch, dance teams and to show a never before seen clip from his movie.
John Hodgman is The Deranged Millionaire in the trailer for his final book of complete world knowledge.
Hillary Duff TEST video
Hillary Duff admin test
First Look: Ultimate Teaser Trailer
Comedy Bang Bang brings you the ultimate teaser trailer for the summers biggest blockbuster. See it all unfold June 8th, 2012 on IFC.
Tough Justice with Michelle Dockery
Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery is Agent Tough in the hottest new cop drama that's not at all anachronistic, Tough Justice. With a special guest voice appearance by Jon Hamm.
What Is Red Nose Day with Jon Hamm
What is Red Nose Day? Jon Hamm explains how you can help out those in need. It's simple.

Jon Heder is an actor and producer from Oregon.
3 videos
How Will Ferrell Touched Me
Larry David, Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Zach Galifianakis, Eva Mendes, Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph & Jon Heder were all unable to attend Will Ferrell's 2011 Mark Twain Prize Ceremony. We asked them to record a fond personal memory of Will. Tune in 9pm eastern/8 pm central on PBS to watch...
All Star Bowling Trick Shots
This time, we go to Hollywood.
Bud Selig Must Die
To keep George W. Bush from becoming president, one man (Eric Artell) must convince two time travel clerks (Tony Hale and Jon Heder) that Bud Selig must die. #lonesuspect

Jon Huertas is an actor and former Air Forceman from New York.
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Self Deportation Station with Mary Steenburgen & George Lopez
If you're an illegal immigrant, the GOP wants you to self-deport; introducing the Self Deportation Station for all your self-deporting needs.

Jon "Bones" Jones is a professional mixed martial artist from New York, and youngest light heavyweight champion in UFC history.
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Kenny Powers - The K-Swiss MFCEO (UNCENSORED)
Kenny Powers, champion athlete and shoe endorser, completes a hostile takeover of K-Swiss and uses it as a platform to totally hump the sports world into submission.

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Jon Lovitz in "Joe King - King of Cars"
Jon lovitz has found an ingenious way to sell cars
J-Lo Sextape Leaked
Lets Get Sticky With Mickey!

Jonathan Coulton is a singer songwriter from Brooklyn, New York.
1 video
John Hodgman is The Deranged Millionaire in the trailer for his final book of complete world knowledge.

Jonathan M. Goldstein is a screenwriter and television producer from New York City.
1 video
Audio Tour with Will Forte & Erinn Hayes
When an ordinary guy accidentally leaves a museum with his audio tour device, he gets a lot more than an art history lesson.

Jonathan Sadowski is an actor from Chicago, Illinois.
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LIMITED - Official Trailer
"Why be LIMITLESS when you can be LIMITED?" Directed by Michael Hoy, starring Jonathan Sadowski (The Goods, Live Free or Die Hard), Arielle Kebbel (The Uninvited, The Vampire Diaries), Brian Bogulski, Ben Feldman (Drop Dead Diva, Friday the 13th), Antonia Raftu (Parks and Recreation), and Mic...

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The Fixer Upper Brothers Fix The Debt Ceiling
The Fixer Upper Brothers put their expert skills to use helping out a power couple with their ceiling issues.
Makeover Manor
What happens when you throw the biggest names in design & style into a house together and leave the cameras rolling? They tear each other to pieces!

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Jordan Peele is a comedian, writer, and actor from New York City.
11 videos
Obama Debunks Birther Conspiracy
President Obama clears up confusion over his birth certificate.
Obama gives some advice to the kids in school.
Barack Obama is learning how to speak to the internet crowd.
Barack Obama gives his first fireside chat but can't help slam Nancy Reagan.
Obama's G-20 Roundup
Obama had a great time in England! Except for those pesky bikini protesters.
He just can't seem to get that line right.
Obama Reads Bush's Letter
Barack Obama shares the letter Bush left for him in the oval office.
Don't Sell Out, America!
President Obama reacts to the Supreme Court Ruling.
Obama Reacts to Health Care Vote
President Obama can sit back and relax now that health care has passed.
Comedy Central first look! Join the Krabbe Brothers and their ultra-rich cronies on their quest to make America safe for the one percent.
Jane Lynch and Jordan Peele: Epic Church-State Breakup
Music video starring Glee's Jane Lynch and Key & Peele's Jordan Peele to raise awareness for the importance of the constitutional principle of church-state separation.

Jordana Brewster is a actress and model from Panama City, Panama.
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Jordana Brewster's Hot Dog Water
Jordana Brewster is here to introduce you to her new scent, "Hot Dog Water". For when you want to be treated as a professional and smell like a hot dog.

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Jordana Spiro is an actress from New York City.
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Protect Insurance Companies PSA
Hollywood speaks out to help insurance companies

Jordin Sparks is a R&B singer-songwriter, and actress from Glendale, Arizona.
1 video
Let's Be Honest with Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks visits the famous foreign talk show, 'Let's Be Honest' to get honest.

Josh Duhamel is a former model and actor from North Dakota.
4 videos
Oscars "Off the Grid" with Billy Crystal, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel & Robin Williams
Finding the elusive Billy Crystal to host the Oscars proved to be a much more off the grid adventure.
Oscars Behind the Scenes with Billy Crystal, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel & Robin Williams
The behind the scenes of the Oscars Off the Grid trailer.
 How Celebrities Rock the Vote with Miley Cyrus, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch
Celebrities Miley Cyrus, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, Tony Hawk, Josh Duhamel, Joel McHale, Darren Criss, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Busy Phillips, Miranda Cosgrove, Jenna Ushkowitz, Connor Paolo, Chad Lowe and Twitch show you how they're planning to Rock the Vote in 2012.
 Rock the Vote Behind the Scenes with Jane Lynch, Miranda Cosgrove, Josh Duhamel
Bryan Safi takes us behind the scenes of the Rock the Vote 2012 shoot with Jane Lynch, Josh Duhamel, Eric Stone Streeth and Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family, Kathy Griffin, Michelle Branch, Joel McHale, Miranda Cosgrove, Busy Phillips, Vinny from Jersey Shore as well as Jenna Ushkowitz, Harr...

Josh Gad is an actor from Hollywood, Florida. He has appeared in the films Frozen, Pixels, The Rocker, and in the television shows The Comedians, ER, Modern Family, New Girl, and Bored To Death. He also played the role of Elder Arnold Cunningham in the Broadway production of The Book Of Mormon.
1 video
Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad: Best Friends Forever
Book Of Mormon/NBC stars Andrew Rannells (The New Normal) & Josh Gad (1600 Penn) find out they have a lot in common. Maybe a little too much.

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2 videos
Charades — the only thing harder than playing it, is keeping one up.
After the Credits
We've seen it a hundred times before - boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, and they live happily ever after. Until the credits roll. And after that, it's a completely different story.

Josh jackson2
Joshua Jackson is an actor from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
1 video
Pacey-Con with Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson hit San Diego this weekend for Pacey-Con, the annual event for all things Pacey and this year the site of the announcement of the TV return of Pacey Witter.