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Discovering A TV Star
How Adam McKay And Will Ferrell discovered Chris Gethard for their new Comedy Central show, Big Lake.

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Gamechangers Ep. 1: The Rant Writer
Many of your favorite rants were actual written by rant writer Charlie Hoard; here are his stories.
Pet Hunt
Finally, you can watch your pet chased down and mauled by a much larger animal.
10 Minutes
It only takes 10 minutes to vote. There are worse ways to spend 10 minutes.
Gamechangers Ep. 4: The Rant Writer 2
Rant writer Charlie Hoard (Ty Burrell) is back to share the story behind his most recent written rants.

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Chris Kattan's Flight of the Conchords Lip Dub
Chris Kattan's version of Hiphopapotamus vs. Rhymenocerous
Chris Kattan Tries Gay For Pay
The economy is affecting everyone. Even Chris Kattan.
Chris Kattan Tries Gay for Pay
The economy is affecting everyone. Even Chris Kattan.
Rucifer 3: Terror in the Forest
Chris Kattan and Ashley Brin bring you part three of the Rucifer series. Stay tuned for the next episode.
Bane After Batman with Chris Kattan
Ever since The Dark Knight Rises ended, Bane has had to go back to the real world.
Bane the Telemarketer with Chris Kattan
Bane is forced to get a job as a telemarketer since his Dark Knight Rises checks stopped showing up.
All Star Bowling Trick Shots
This time, we go to Hollywood.
Lost Bond Film with Chris Kattan
Film critic Elvis Mitchell presents this lost James Bond classic from the 70s, To Have and To Gold. A film that was written, directed, and starring a man named Gil Edmundberry.
Bane Causes the Super Bowl Blackout
Bane is revealed as the culprit behind the Super Bowl blackout.
Troop Hood with Chris Kattan
Chris Kattan is ordered to lead a troop of Girl Scouts in the 'hood. He's like their Michelle Pfeiffer!

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Chris Klein: More Leaked Auditions
After his "Mama Mia" audition leaked, you knew there were more auditions to be uncovered.

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Christopher Mintz-Plasse is an actor from Los Angeles, CA. He has appeared in the films Superbad, Role Models, How To Train Your Dragon, Kick-Ass, Pitch Perfect, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Kick-Ass 2, This Is The End, Neighbors, and How To Train Your Dragon 3. His television credits also include Wainy Days, Party Down, and Friend Me.
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The Teabag Incident
Two roommates torn apart by male genatalia.
"The Mclovin' Fund" with Kristen Bell and Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Another PSA from Judd Apatow with Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Kristen Bell and Superbad's Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Made for the "Night of Too Many Stars" benefit for Autism Education.
"Piracy PSA" with Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Another PSA from Judd Apatow with Superbad's Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Made for the "Night of Too Many Stars" benefit for Autism Education.
The Teabag Incident
Two roommates have a falling out.
You're So Hot with Chris Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco
Chris Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco are so hot. They wanna li-li-li-lick you from yo' head to yo' toes.
Would You with Dave Franco
Dave Franco (21 Jump Street, Fright Night, Scrubs) and Talia Tabin (TV's Parks and Recreation) are childhood friends who find themselves in increasingly awkward and funny situations when their game of "Would You Rather" takes an unexpected twist--- the choices they make start coming true. For the...
Drunk Buddies
We've all had one of these...
The Announcement: Dave & Chris Road Trippin' Across the USA
Dave Franco & Chris Mintz-Plasse embark on a quest to acheive everything they ever wanted to do & prove it's all possible
It's All Possible: Series Intro
Dave & Chris kick off their epic adventure in style!
It's All Possible: Episode 1 - Las Vegas Wedding
Dave & Chris begin their epic adventure by driving to Las Vegas to marry a couple.
It’s All Possible: Episode 2 - Skydiving
Dave & Chris conquer their fear of heights by jumping out of an airplane.
It's All Possible: Episode 3 - Rumble in the Rockies
Dave & Chris get a bone-jarring wake-up call outside South Park, CO.
It's All Possible: Episode 4 - World Record Pizza Attempt
Dave & Chris are in Chicago to beat the record for world's largest deep-dish pizza.
It's All Possible: Episode 5 - New York State of Mind
Chris and Dave travel to Upstate New York to teach a college class and then head to Manhattan to celebrate the end of their epic road trip.
It's All Possible: Series Highlights
Series highlights from Chris and Dave's epic journey.
Join Funny or Die and Friends to Help #FreeShez
#FreeShez! The comedy community is behind you Shez. Here are some messages from Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, Tony Hale, Machine Gun Kelly, Chris Mintz-Plasse, Thomas Lennon, Ben Garant, Horatio Sanz, and Wayne Federman
Delta Psi Throws a Robert De Niro Party
Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne lead the cast of Neighbors, a comedy about a young couple suffering from arrested development who are forced to live next to a fraternity house after the birth of their newborn baby.
Hazing with the Cast of Neighbors
Seth Rogen and Zac Efron decide to promote their new movie, Neighbors, by hazing the other cast members. It doesn't go as planned.
You're So Hot: Vol. 3(D) – w/ Dave Franco & Chris Mintz-Plasse
Revenge is a dish best served moist. The final chapter in the epic "You're So Hot" trilogy starring Dave Franco & Christopher Mintz-Plasse.
You're So Hot: Vol. 3 – w/ Dave Franco & Chris Mintz-Plasse
Revenge is a dish best served moist. The final chapter in the epic "You're So Hot" trilogy starring Dave Franco & Christopher Mintz-Plasse.
FIFA World Cup™ Report with Christopher Mintz-Plasse
"Soccer expert" Christopher Mintz-Plasse travels to Brazil to kick it with legends Juan Mata, Patrick Vieira, and Cafu and tap into FIFA World Cup™ party fever.

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Casual Sex Episode Two: Play Date
One woman's search for the ultimate threesome.
Discovering A TV Star
How Adam McKay And Will Ferrell discovered Chris Gethard for their new Comedy Central show, Big Lake.
 Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation w/ Aaron Neville
Tom Brokaw & Aaron Neville (Chris Parnell & Horatio Sanz; co-stars of the new Comedy Central Show, BIG LAKE) talk about the oil spill and Aaron lets Tom know about the true cost of the oil spill.
First Look: Ultimate Teaser Trailer
Comedy Bang Bang brings you the ultimate teaser trailer for the summers biggest blockbuster. See it all unfold June 8th, 2012 on IFC.

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Pa-gents with Chris Pine
Five grown men will sacrifice anything (including their dignity) to win a male pageant. Coming soon to Lifetime Network!
Vampire Lawyer with Chris Pine
You would not believe the amount of work that went into this sketch video.

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Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, and Adam Scott are just too busy to help Harris Wittels promote his new Humblebrag book.

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Will Ferrell, Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart Say Goodbye to Derek Jeter
Will Ferrell, Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart bid a fond farewell to New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter

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The Adventures of Pete & Pete 20th Anniversary Reunion
The cast of The Adventures of Pete & Pete reunite for their 20th anniversary with Funny Or Die to remember the past and relive it.

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"We're Better Than the Best" by The MLS All Stars
In the spirit of The Superbowl Shuffle and the music of Cory and the Fins, meet our MLS All-Stars as they rap their hit, "We're Better Than the Rest!"

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David Mamet's "Lost Masterpieces of Pornography" w/ Kristen Bell, Ed O'Neill & Ricky Jay
This lost masterpiece of pornography was recently discovered in a woodworking shop of a Beverly Hills dentist. June Crenshaw (Kristen Bell) was known as the 'sex kitten' of the Supreme Court.

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How Will Ferrell Touched Me
Larry David, Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, Zach Galifianakis, Eva Mendes, Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph & Jon Heder were all unable to attend Will Ferrell's 2011 Mark Twain Prize Ceremony. We asked them to record a fond personal memory of Will. Tune in 9pm eastern/8 pm central on PBS to watch...
Official Anchorman 2 Trailer
The Official Anchorman 2 Trailer! The legend continues this December. Join us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/AnchormanMovie Follow San Diego's Favorite Anchorman on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/RonBurgundy
Big Leagues
With the 70's behind him, San Diego's top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), returns to the news desk in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Also back for more are Ron’s co-anchor and wife, Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate), weather man Brick Tamland (Steve Carell), man on the...
DEADLINE: The Nikki Finke Story with Jean Smart and Christina Applegate
The drama behind Deadline.com is finally exposed is this gripping thriller. Jean Smart stars as Hollywood's most notorious and powerful blogger Nikki Finke. With Drew Fuller as arch-nemesis Jay Penske, and introducing Christina Applegate as Christina Applegate. Experience all the Hollywood-on-...
Prenatal Pole Dancing DVD
Check out Roxy Fedaro (Christina Applegate) in her newest DVD for pregnant expecting mothers. Whether you want to work the pole like a bad girl or drop it low like any proud mom should then you'll love this DVD, call while supplies last!

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Modern Office with Christina Hendricks
When Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) gets a job at a new office, it's unclear which is more old-fashioned: her style, her typing skills, or the office's policies toward women.

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Christoph Waltz is an Oscar award winning actor from Austria. He rose to international fame after starring as Col. Hans "The Jew Hunter" Landa in Quentin Tarantino's film Inglourious Basterds, and worked again with the director on the film Django Unchained. He has also appeared in the films The Green Hornet, The Three Musketeers, Carnage, Water for Elephants, Muppets Most Wanted, The Zero Theorem, Horrible Bosses 2, and Big Eyes.
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Between Two Ferns: Oscar Buzz Edition Part 1
Episode 14: Zach Galifianakis sits down with Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Christoph Waltz, Naomi Watts & Amy Adams who are getting all the buzz during this Oscar season.
Between Two Ferns: Oscar Buzz Edition Part 1 (Censored)
Episode 14: Zach Galifianakis sits down with Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Christoph Waltz, Naomi Watts & Amy Adams who are getting all the buzz during this Oscar season.

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The Democratic Gun Control Plan
In advance of the Republican Convention, Democratic Senator Todd Shelley (Christopher Cousins) reveals the Democratic Gun Control plan for America.

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Gobstopper Trailer with Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Lloyd as scary Willy Wonka murdering teenagers!!!
Funny Or Die is Sorry for Lying about Hoverboards
Funny Or Die recently teamed up with a group of celebrities for an elaborate prank to convince the world hoverboards were real and that a company called HUVr Tech had invented them. Sadly, we were lying. The great promise of Back to the Future II has not been fulfilled ... yet. And for that, we t...
They're here. http://huvrtech.com
They're here. http://huvrtech.com

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Santa Election 2012
Who will be elected the next Santa? Christopher McDonald, David Koechner, Maria Bamford and Andre Royo (The Wire) lobby for your vote with their campaign commercials.
Wonderful World Of Drones with Christopher McDonald
Christopher McDonald shows you there's nothing to fear from unmanned drones. Unless they're blowing you up.

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Coming Soon from Funny Or Die with Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell introduces the upcoming slate of videos coming soon from Funny Or Die.
Chris Meloni Freak Out Compilation
You won't believe what a dick Chris Meloni is in real life. Wake up, sheeple!!
Kony Hunter with Christopher Meloni
Christopher Meloni will stop at nothing to stop Joseph Kony. Help Stop Kony. Visit: www.enoughproject.org/stopkony

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The Facility with Christopher Titus
Animal cruelty is a very serious thing and Sarah McLachlan made it a point to speak out on behalf of the animals, but now Christopher Titus is here to speak out on behalf of children. Make the show with Dana Carvey, Kevin Nealon, and Christopher TItus. Go to http://www.in-sightyouth.com for info....