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Christy Eidson

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Christy is different from most of today?s comedians in that her jokes turn into visual stories from her southern point-of-view. And she?s not exactly what you would call politically correct. ?You can take the girl out of the country, but you can?t take the redneck out of the girl.? She is a strong female comedian, in much the same vain as Lucy, Carol, and Gilda. Some describe her as ?Roseanne Barr meets Absolutely Fabulous, with a little dash of Hee-Haw for kick?. She uses animated facial expressions and exaggerated body movements to create a somewhat physical act. On stage, she comes across extremely likeable and confident, yet unpredictable. She has strong comedic timing and does exceptional character work. Many describe her as being quite charismatic, which is a nice way of saying bossy. Her comic influences come from a broad spectrum of comedians that include Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Lucille Ball, Mike Myers, Roseanne Barr, Jim Carrey, and the Three Stooges. Christy is currently performing at various comedy and entertainment venues throughout Los Angeles, such as the Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store. She is also taking classes at the legendary Groundlings school. If that weren?t enough, she also produces, writes, and performs in the sketch comedy troupe, the Short Bus Riders, as well as a cable access show called ?It?s the Christy Show!? on Time Warner channel 25 in Van Nuys.