crashboombangtheatre crashboombangtheatre


Give me cardboard! And a cuttin tool!

Crash, Boom, Bang Theatre was started about 6 or so years ago when some locals were sketchin things out as their previous alias of Flying Monkey Poo Fling at, what resembled, a small garage called The Flying Monkey Arts. As popularity grew, so did the Flying Monkey along with it's new found location at the Lowe Mill. Every month a new, original, full length play was performed with lights, costumes, actors, music, and sometimes some video footage. The process became so hectic and popular that Poo Fling finally changed their name to something more appropriate and Crash, Boom, Bang Theatre was born. It has been a long and difficult road but CBB has still managed to keep it's head afloat and fill seats in the theatre. As a local favorite in the community of Huntsville this absurd and bizarre theatre continues to grow and challenge the minds...and stomachs of anyone who may enter this whacked out environment of the comically insane...