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Catherine Urbanek

A blonde with a brain

Sup. I'm a writer, actress and producer. I love Led Zeppelin, the Green Bay Packers and froyo.


Welcome Home, Loser! 3 items

Welcome Home, Loser! is a comedic web series about moving back home from college with a new degree and no hope. Jeanie, Conner and Nut all come home from college with shiny new diplomas and no idea what to do next. Watch them navigate through the turbulent waters of post-graduate life, including job applications, poor and inebriated decisions and awkward romantic relationships. Congrats on graduation. Now welcome (back) home, loser.

Laura's Awkward Make Out Experiences 3 items

The Fur Is Gone 3 items

An entirely improvised web series about a group of actors performing Pride and Prejudice at a Hollywood theater. It's a modern romcom behind the the classic romcom.