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Check out the Adventures of Chadwick Periwinkle! (Or we'll kill you!)

The year is 4010 A.D. (give or take). The Universe has evolved into an even more illogical and absurdly random place than it is today. It is a Universe where a homicidal spaceship is an unremarkable job hazard, clones are a competitively priced household commodity, and insurance companies employ heavily armed public relations warships to rove the galaxies crushing their enemies. This is the universe of Chadwick Periwinkle, an intergalactic couch potato whose highest goals in life are to be left alone, watch TV, and maybe catch a nap here and there. Unfortunately, his mere existence seems to be an intolerable abomination to the Universe, and so one day the Universe sets out to annihilate this strange anomaly. In the course of the first season of The Adventures of Chadwick Periwinkle, our hapless hero accumulates an astonishing array of villains bent on his destruction, falls madly in love with a beautiful pirate princess, sets out in search of a mysterious treasure map, and does battle with an army of ninja pirates.