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Probably either shooting or stuck in the editing room.

Yu-San Moon is an American conceptual cartoonist, writer, and experimental artist. He has been creating cartoons for over 20 years. Mr. Moon's works have been featured in various independent outlets across the globe. Mr. Moon is credited for creating a new genre of cartooning outside of the traditional forms known as ''Gonzo Cartooning''. '''Gonzo Cartooning' blends art with life, the real with the surreal, and attempts to shock the viewer into a state of numbed discordance" -Yu-San Moon Yu-San is currently developing many new series in print, animated and video forms. Each work will be exhibited to the public exclusively first on Cartoon-Infinity.com. What is Cartoon-Infinity.com? Cartoon Infinity is the birthplace of the "Gonzo Cartooning" movement, spearheaded by artist and creator, Yu-San Moon. Cartoon Infinity is where you will find everything related to "Gonzo Cartooning" and Yu-San Moon's upcoming projects. What is ''Gonzo Cartooning''? ''Gonzo Cartooning'' is a redefinement of what cartooning is really about. For some, cartoons are merely a child-like way of poking fun at the social conventions of the time using satire and pop-culture references. ''Gonzo Cartooning'' is more about the act of creating the material and finding out where the ideas come from. The end result is not as important as the creative process. In some ways, the artist is more of the art then the product he/she is creating. "Gonzo Cartooning" is a way of life. It must be experienced to be understood. Join us, if you're crazy enough....