Director: Shorts: The new old Capt Undergarments;My Wallet;Mystery Man; Idiots;Daregeryd;Capt.Undergar ments; Honey Potato;Commercials 1979;A Cop & A Robber. Yeah, I'd say these guys are pretty out there, but speaking as someone who is a little out there myself, I have to say I'm a fan now and I'll be checking their films out later on. I definitely recommend the films.--Joshua Samford ( "MYSTERY MAN"(2004) official selection TULIPANES FILM FEST 2004 (best family film winner) "CAPT UNDERGARMENTS" (2005) official selection LA SHORTS FEST 2006 official selection VALLEY FILM FEST 2006 (audience award winner) official selection FILMS FOR PLAY 2007 official selection AFTERNOON IN THE ABSURD 2007 official selection AVA GARDNER FILM FESTIVAL 2007(best narrative short winner) What other filmmakers say "One of the bravest & funniest short films on the net" "These films deserve to be seen because they're unflinching in their bravery," says Hueston. "In order to make people laugh in the world today, you have to have an unwavering desire to find humor in any situation. Modern comedy has to be brave and the makers of these films understand that. All the films we selected to highlight are hysterical and ballsy" --Hueston & O Sullivan(Lost Colony) It was one of the most mind blowingly daring things I think I've ever seen. It's saying to me that here's someone who thinks, excuse my French!, fuck everybody else... I think this is funny and if they don't like it then fuck em because it's done now! I laughed out loud several times and was open mouthed throughout at just how bizarre and different it was. Well done but I also must admit I am rather worried for your mental stability. 'Tis a sign of genius though, I'm sure! -Darren Fischer (SHANKS director) "NEW OLD CAPT UNDERGARMENTS"(2006) official selection LA SHORTS FEST 2006 official selection FESTIVAL DU CINEMA DE PARIS 2006/07<br>(Jury panel finalist) official selection TROMADANCE 2007(selected best of Tromadance 2007) official selection AFTERNOON IN THE ABSURD 2007 unofficial showing at AVA FILM FEST 2007 Against my better judgment, I actually enjoyed this film! Although it is crass, crude, void of an engrossing plot, and has silly acting, it was actually stomachable and funny. One thing I have to credit the Director with is guts. Anyone who can put such a wacky film OTL is not afraid of anything! The closest attempt to a Monty Python-esque short in this competition, this film is full of as much lunacy as possible. There was hardly any plot, but the combination of absurd acting, slapstick routines, and Anal-Phase humor actually made me laugh out loud several times (this probably speaks volumes about my sophistication...). The simplicity of the plot worked. I didn't think there would be too many plot twists in a film called Captain Underwear, and I was happy to find none. The editing was also superb in this short. In order to produce such a film, the editing would have to be dead-on with comedic timing. It was, and it worked well. It was fast, insane, and matched the comedy. While the effects were lacking, I thought they added to the piece by making you concentrate on the absurdity. I couldn't really say I'd watch this as a full-length feature, but it did make me laugh, mostly out of shock for the pure lunacy of it. Nice job, you have some real talent in comedic timing and comedic editing. I think the Python boys would be proud. (GUY F BURNETT on the lot tv show website) There really is no describing just what is going on in New Old Captain Undergarments, because I don't think anyone else on the planet can quite explain it either. The shortest of the three features I've seen from Mr. Gonzales, New Old Captain Undergarments takes a little bit from the first Undergarments film, and adds a little bit to the pot and stirs into a completely insane little short. -- Joshua Samford ( ) "MY WALLET" (2006) official selection NOSOTROS FILM FEST 2006 official selection FESTIVAL DU CINEMA DE PARIS 2006/07<br>(Jury panel finalist) official selection VALLEY FILM FEST 2007 official selection AVA FILM FEST 2007 Take one part Three Stooges (also the Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, etc.), take one part Looney Tunes - and you get "My Wallet" "MY WALLET"makes for a playful and hilarious watch. If you're a fan of oddball, absurd and retro comedy - with the short films of Richard Gonzales, My Wallet is a great place to start.-- Joshua Samford ( Director and writer Richard Gonzales single-handily revives the lost art of slapstick comedy with the help of his talented young crew of comedic-actors. "MY WALLET" is a hilarious little gem that accomplishes in 8 minutes what most modern comedies cannot achieve within 90 minutes. Richard Gonzales really knows how to make an audience laugh and extracts the best comedic performances from his actors. Watch it once, watch it twice, watch it 100 times, "MY WALLET" never loses its great charm and appeal.-- DASH ( )