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By paulypants April 05, 2011 17k views More Info
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Published: April 05, 2011
Description: This painting is from my "Cheesecake Boy" series, depicting male models who can’t seem to keep their clothes on. In "Mistletoe Madness," a Cheesecake Boy takes romance into his own hands by attempting to hang mistletoe directly above his studiously preoccupied companion. The stealthy attempt, however, is soon thwarted by gravity when his loose, belt-less pants fall to the ground. Turning just in time to catch an eyeful of the hapless hunk's holly-patterned, skimpy briefs, the young fellow on the sofa seems pleasantly surprised by this turn of events. After all, what's a kiss under the mistletoe compared to a Christmas package like this? More of Paul Richmond's artwork:
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