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August 02, 2010

It is an honor to have been infected. It looks as though the virus is mutating, along with its host site (foD). Here you can all vote funny or DIE on caps, and just like the main foD cap contest, I will disregard those votes. Have fun and cover your cough... UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, thanks WSS for the header tips; I pimped myself into hep-C having-ness (computer-wise), which is to say I now have an actual virus, and sorry I haven't been around more... That said, y'all are FUNNY fucks! here's the result of fucking a monkey in the ass with nothing but one Michael Jackson silver glove on your left testicle (forgive me but I am in safe mode and cannot access quotes so I will paraphrase, poorly indeed, your caps........ Third LL - ...Kevin Bacon... Second WSS - ...pride ride...Philly... WINNER WINNER, VIRAL DINNER!!! JB - You lika da juice Thanks all and sorry for taking the verility out of the viral-ity, literally, I got burnt,,,n good luck, fuckers!