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September 15, 2010

Synopsis of characters. Gina is a charismatic, optimistic twenty something girl who’s been out of the dating scene for about a year, after a long term relationship ended badly. Now she’s back on the dating scene, courtesy of the “Blind Date” service, the new craze for daters who need to mix it up a little. Gina is ready to explore a new world and get back out there. The Blind Date service leaves a lot to the imagination, with very little descriptions of the other dater and no picture! Gina’s best friend Stephanie is a realist, but supports Gina’s decision to go on as many dates as she feels she needs to. Stephanie, a sarcastic down to earth twenty something, tries to get Gina to stop being so picky and overly hopeful about every single date. But over the course of Gina’s dating experience the dates just seem to be getting worse and worse, Gina is at a standstill, quit while she’s ahead or bail and chalk it up as a lose. Needless to say Gina is just too curious to stop now.