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September 27, 2010

I'm a very caring, giving, devoted and honest person. I'm a big believer in family and that you get back from something what you put into it.I work a lot and do have a flexible schedule, I am a missionary of the lord travelling and ministering and do home improvement work.I'm honest, friendly and down to earth. I try to live life with a smile and not take things to serious,I am looking for somebody to spend some time with that is strong, yet open-minded... someone who's not really worried about what others think or what's trendy, but they still have respect for those around them (and that's what makes them cool anyway)... someone who wants to laugh and appreciate the smaller things in life (not that I don't want a nice car and big house too).... Basically, I want someone who is okay with being themselves and letting others do the same.I would like to find an ambitious, fun, intelligent, honest, caring and independent man,someone who believes in making progress in life,moving forward and not just remaining in a place Yeah it might seem like a lot but I really just want to find someone I compliment and they compliment me. But all in all if we click then that is really what matters.