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I really am an architect, who also does great impressions of people (funny, too!) I caught onto what I thought was a small scam at the University of California, San Francisco, where they were illegally sole-sourcing one manufacturer's products in construction contracts - and instead, uncovered a massive, national/international scam of school dollars by three companies from Cleveland, Ohio in just one product area - roofing - that has been going on since the 1930's according to documentation uncovered, at the very least. It led to the suicide of a colleague, one of the first women architects in the US, the murder of two prominent labor leaders in California (blown up in a plane over Sitka, Alaska), and who threatened me - alone - led to the discovery of the involvement of one political party in the scams. Utterly amazing. And true. My whistleblowing court case - taken to the US Supreme Court - uncovered how the University of California is operating outside their Charter's prescribed Governance - and how all those executives are stealing ad infinitum. It also led to the discoveries of why California is in such a horrible budget position - how all the checks and balances were destroyed under the watch of "Slick Willie" - the former San Francisco Mayor (who threatened me in person) and who ran the California Assembly for 20 years. An amazing, amazing series of discoveries. What an incredible series of events! Telling them for the public to see would be beneficial for all - and I do. You can read about it here http//thebackstoryschoolroofingscam. ________________________________ When I find a way to get home to Atlanta in this terrible economy, I'm gone. So levity and good romantic comedies on videos keep my spirits up - as I have had no life because of trying to find work when blackballed heavily in the SF Bay Area (ALLL the architects are involved in the scam here, according to insiders - and I believe it!) Thank you so much for this website and putting up my favorite actors' work! It is most appreciated! _______________________________________________ Other links are at More about myself - a short resume and listing of who is in my family, as we have been here a long time, coming into the US in the early 1600's in Boston from England, 1737 through Philadelphia from Switzerland and Germany on two sides of the family, and 1680's from Scotland to Jamestown, Virginia, listed at http//schoolroofingscam.blogspot. com/2008/02/about-blogger For professional work (architecture) - just a sampling For a short history on my family http// index.cfm/Janet_Campbell_2.htm ____________________________