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BUTTER ME UP! began life as a nameless group in early 2008 - after well over six months of fucking around, the group decided that they needed to take things more seriously. After a rigourous testing phase, the name BUTTER ME UP! was selected over other strong candidates, such as Gorilla Fandango, Bobby Jingle’s Rat, The Awkward Age, and It Came From Lyminge. They have been described as unique, quirky, and original by industry professionals, although they aren’t entirely sure if those words were being used in a complimentary light! Our core members are Neil Gibbs, Cain Liversedge, Luke Mears, Jon Blown and James Dyer. Having said that we are often blessed by working with other great actors, like Dan Baker, Laura Liversedge, and Evie Turner, who would be classed as full time members if only their professional lives weren't so busy. We can currently be found on myspace at www.myspace.com/buttermeupcomedy however, if your bread isn't buttered that way, then you can also watch our material on youtube at www.youtube.com/buttermeupcomedy. We are based predominantly in the Southampton/Bournemouth area, although we can also be found in Kent.