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Joshua Brisco

Hippray you Farting Fuckheads

Hi,my names Joshua Brisco!I'm a formal attendant at Lassen College's Radio Show Mic Club...called Lassen Mic!I'm a comedian,and a spazzy one!I just want people to know what i've been doing for 9 years CREATING FUNNY VIDEOS jLINK THE FORMAL ENERGETIC COMEDIAN,CAN HE BE SUCCESSFUL OR JUST BLAND? my biography...NOW i mut do the video LOLZ This energetic person exclusively, performs a spark of energy till the audience cracks up with bellow laughter! As the sensational old-style and new-revised comedian,how does he give the applausing crowd?A Big range of laughter,and still gets youtube critics criticizing him that hes too genuiely fake to be the next adam sandler....but the multi-talented class clown made over 1000 videos,and still gets the credit from some fans?He even writes,produces,acts like an idiot all over this world! What really made this guy to catch the comedy fever up,then actually spit it out,and get in a drama discussion?