Burke and Susan Burke and Susan

Burke and Susan

We love to create, to entertain, to make people smile & laugh!

Hi, We're Burke and Susan and we call ourselves The Hands-On Experts. That's because we have been incredibly happy together for over 23 years meaning our expertise is based on more than two decades of relationship experience. Well, that plus we've got our hands on each other all the time. We have each worked in television production for the last 25 years and have co-written dozens of songs together. Previously, Burke was a pioneer hang glider pilot and his dog, Curtis, was the World's first hang gliding dog. We just wrote a funny relationship book called "Kiss Me Penalties and Love You Bites" to share our simple philosophy and our amazing technique that helps couples with the day-to-day job of living together and loving each other, making love less work and more fun. We also created "What The...?" a funny two and a half minute video inspired by an excerpt from the book. Love, like life, is not a spectator sport, you've got to participate! Get Hands-On and live your life and always remember, you and your happiness have a direct affect on the people and the world around you. We should all choose happiness, then spread it around. Life is good!