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Incomparable and Uncompromising, Bubbs Harris is a comedian who is no stranger to the bizarre and isn't afraid to put it all out on the line when he takes the stage. His style has been referred to as "Aggressive", Unfiltered", and even "Punk Rock", but most importantly "Funny". Hailing from Pensacola, FL, Bubbs has been a figure on the local and regional scenes along the Gulf Coast since 2008, and has taken the show on the road all over the Southeast US, earning the respect of comics and comedy fans every time he performs.With a style as eclectic as he is, Bubbs pulls no punches when on stage, and often tours with rock bands in order to amp up the level of craziness at his shows. You never know what you will get when he gets up and grabs the microphone. Using his natural abilty to mimic voices and a wry take on social commentary, Bubbs likes to mix things up with intellegence and wit, along with a healthy dose of good old fashioned silliness. Look for Bubbs to melt your face with the mighty power of comedy when he comes to your town soon. *Bubbs Harris is also a music journalist with the following outlets.... Hails and Horns Magazine AMP Magazine Metal Exiles Lexington Music Press Independent News (Pensacola, FL) "Bubbs is by far one of the most diverse comedians I have ever seen. His natural comedic timing, energy, and talent for mimicry is extraordinary! I look forward to seeing more of his performances, and I can definitely see big things happening for him in the future!" - Karry English (Comedian-FL) Comics I've Performed With Kyle Grooms, Matt Moseley, Karry English, Pete Ludovice, Tie Bo, Tony Burkett, Jacob O. Cobb, Kirby Hullett, Tony Davis, April Patterson, Anthony Taylor, Chris Stokes, Kris Wernowsky, Kermit Baker, Cris Fowler, Pooty Love, Alan Shaw, Johnny Scanlon, Vaudeville Vinny............... Bands I've Played With Nik Flagstar and His Dirty Mangy Dogs, X-Ray Vision, Drayton Sawyer, Poisonwood, Headstone Hangover, Immortal Guardian, Creepin' Cadavers, Slowpoke Rodriguez, Unnatural Soundz, For Shame, Casper Causes Chaos, Dirty Bourbon River Show, Still Reign, Rainey's Revenge, Satharial, X-Scape Goat, Sew It Seems, Psycho Spoon, This Day Will Tell, Scream Out Loud, Jeff Glickman, Inda Glo, Timberhawk, Mr. Fahrenheit, El Cantador............