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I'm just a country boy from Tennessee. I've been making folks laugh all my life. Of course as a youngster I was mistaken by my teachers as being a smart ass. That jest fine because that makes me the only Bohacks to ever be called smart by a teacher. My dad was a hard working man with two PH.Ds post hole diggers, and my mom was a homemaker who loved to cook. That was fine with me because I love to eat. I have 4 brothers. Bo, Biff, and Bueford. My brother Bo's wife is Bertha Butt. That's right Bertha Butt Bohacks. She is a really large woman. You thinks I'm big, she's twice the man I am. She was one of the 3 Butt sister. Her other sisters are Ima Butt, and Anita Butt. Anita is the only skinny one in the bunch. When I met Anita, I said Hi I'm Bubba Bohacks. She said Anita Butt, I said maybe you'd have one if your sisters would let you get up to the table. I know That's Ate Up™ I shouldn't have said that. The Grandpa on their mothers side was Ben Dover. At one time the Butt family lived with Mr. Dover. We all called it the Ben Dover Butt house. I've been married to the same woman for 28 years.(in a row) We have two kids JR, and Skeeter. I'll talk more of my family and background later. My comedy has been heard on several radio stations including a regular stint on WEW St. Louis as part of "The Fun Morning Show" with Gary Duncan.