Bubba & The Government Cheeze Bubba & The Government Cheeze

Bubba & The Government Cheeze

Musical Comedy Troupe

Bubba and the Government Cheeze are a musical comedy troupe originating from South Portland, Maine. They compose their own music and they write, direct, produce and edit short videos for their original music and other sketch comedy routines. Their videos can be found on YouTube at www.YouTube.com/bubba99471. History: The group was officially founded in April 2013 in South Portland, Maine by childhood friends, Chris Richard (a.k.a. Bubba) and Dan Pike. While in high school, Richard and Pike played in multiple rock bands together. Richard played the drums and Pike played the bass guitar. Prior to the formation of the group, Richard wrote the lyrics and composed the music for Chainsaws, Hookers and Blow based on an idea from Dan Pike and Shawn Lipps (a frequent collaborator). Impressed with his friend’s video, Pike inspired Richard to continue writing songs and comedy skits that they could record, film and release under Bubba and the Government Cheeze. Their first joint collaboration was Hell Street, a short comedy sketch accompanied by an original song. In order to make their vision a reality, they knew they needed to recruit more members. They asked their childhood friend, Chad Robishaw, to play guitar. During the recording of the song and production of the video, the chemistry between the three of them was undeniable, each of them sharing the same sense of humor and similar taste in music. The next project they worked on was a song called She’s Got the Herp, a bluesy song about a girl with herpes. It was during these sessions that T.J. Hubbard joined the group as a second guitarist and the line-up was cemented. Production: The group uses technology easily available to them to record music and film short videos. They use a free-ware program called Audacity for audio production. They also use iPhone camera to film some videos. Lipps uses a digital camera that can record in HD. Richard and Pike usually edit the videos using Windows Movie Maker.