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I am a Facebook whore. I am a Kickball Champ. I am nobody. Really. I'm just a man trying to get through life with as little heartache as possible. I am a stand up comic that you've never heard of. I am so far from success that I could be considered a failure. I am however, a sleeper by two definitions of the word. Not only do I love deep R.E.M. rest, but I also posses the the luck to surprise the fuck out of you. You won't even know I'm in the race until I'm blowing the doors off of you. I am the shot in the dark, the hail mary pass in the fourth quarter, the last option after you've run out of options. I am plan B. I am the 3-2 count with the bases loaded in the ninth. I may not hit it out, but I am exciting to watch. You should join my mailing list at and I can let you know when I am in your town and give you the chance to watch a train wreck. Those are always fun to watch.