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Bruce Jingles is not a black comic. He’s a comic that happens to be black. This means that he doesn’t just talk about the black and white differences and issues that many of his peers do, he is much more then that. He is a universal comic that that doesn’t hide his mistakes and failures., but embraces them and shares them with the world. Bruce grew up the only black kid in an all latin community in southern California. His razor sharp wit and sense of humor always got him in and out of trouble. Even then, he dreamed of being a comedian, always doing impressions and cracking jokes in class and making all the teachers lives hell. Eventually both Bruce and the school district came to a mutual decision and they had a parting of the ways. Fifteen years and ten thousand bong tokes later the dream of being a comedian remained. It took a dare from his best friend to finally get him to do it. He entered an amateur contest at the Ontario Mill Improv in Ontario, California. He won the contest and went on to the finals. Where he lost to seasoned professional comics. It was only is 2nd time on stage. He was now hooked, this was now his new high. After that, he went on a mission. Performing 3,4,5, times a night. Hitching rides with other comics getting them stage time at the same spots. From every open mic, and challenging bar gigs to every comedy club Bruce was there making people laugh. His comedy getting stronger and stronger. Within 3 years he was performing with famous national headliners as Jeff Garcia(who he is now featuring for), Carlos Mencia, Chris Tucker, Gabriel Iglesias, Damon Wayans, Dane Cook and many others. Bruce’s material ranges from his teenage years in a latin community to his several mishaps with the law. His 2 DUI’s to his obsession with marijuana or sometimes he just simply talks about his day. Eliciting laughs from every topic imaginable you get to see Bruce’s viewpoint of the world through his bloodshot eyes. If you get a chance to see a Bruce at a show you get just that....a show. Come on, with a name like Bruce Jingles, he was born to do comedy.