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Not sure why I'm here. Or maybe I'm talking for the sake of talking.

Broken Linc features Toronto-area comedian/actor/writer Lincoln Trudeau’s skewed perspective on everything from news stories to the surreal and whatever else percolates in that noggin of his. So how did this all begin? Probably not a question you were asking yourself. But you’ll get an answer all the same. Lincoln Trudeau’s first stand-up gig was all the way back in 1994. And it was Painful (the capital “P” there was deliberate). The following year, he was thrilled that Toronto’s eye weekly paper named him the Most Promising Amateur, adding that Lincoln “generally does poorly, but he never bores.” And it was this kind of encouragement that propelled him to new heights…or something. Along the way, he performed in Just for Laughs comedy festival showcases, various comedy competitions and performances in a wide variety of questionable venues. He also began acting in theatre and has performed in a range of roles, from a Spanish would-be suitor in The Odd Couple (female version) and a Lithium-addled mental patient in the Australian play Cosi as well as more dramatic roles in shows like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and The Glass Menagerie. Lincoln also stars in (and has written for) the web series Go Moonbase. He has also written several screenplays and has filmed two of his short films, including a Star Wars-themed bit of lazy-ass goofiness called Jedi Man-Child. There’s likely more to say. But you've probably read plenty for one day.