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Filip Jeremic and Allana Reoch met at Ryerson Theatre School in 2006, where they bonded over their uncanny ability to impersonate all of their instructors. It was this talent that gained them notoriety among their peers, as well as helped them cope with the rigorous demands of theatre school, and the likely possibility of being kicked out. Having made it through by the skin of their (British) teeth, the two formed British Teeth – an inimitable sketch comedy troupe based in Toronto. Best known for their subversive and irreverent social commentary, British Teeth’s character based comedy has warmed the hearts and bowels of many. From North Korea, to the playground, to driving school, British Teeth take audiences on a romp through the foibles of humanity. British Teeth have performed at the Rivoli, Comedy Bar, Bread and Circus, the Poor Alex and Centre for the Arts. Filip and Allana write all their own comedy, and have been known on occasion to travel to Eastern Europe together for inspiration.