Brian Tracey Brian Tracey

Brian Tracey

When I was born, I was significantly smaller than other people. At first, it was very hard for me to do simple things such as walk and speak. It was so bad that sometimes I couldn't even leave my bed to go to the bathroom. Life was confusing and hard. I lived in a constant state of paranoia and fear. For the first four years of my life, I believed that my nose was gone and was stolen by my uncle. After some time, I got bigger. By the age of 13, I was going to the bathroom on my own and could speak in full sentences. As for my nose, I got it back. In college, I decided that I wanted to try public speaking. So, I decided to speak at Stress Factory where they held a weekly open mic. I spoke about my opinions and thoughts on things. The people listening laughed in my face and called me a comedian. I have been working on my public speaking ever since.