Keith [stole-my-bike]

If life gives you AIDs, make LemonAIDs.

Keith [stole-my-bike] Keith [stole-my-bike]

----------------- Autobiography of Keith Brewster by Keith Brewster Foreword by Keith Brewster Narrated by Morgan Freeman (still working on getting through to his agents) I was born in 1987; a great year, the original Zelda arrived in North America, and some girl fell down a well. I'm sure much more happened, but 1987 is a long article on wikipedia. I was born, most likely as a child of a man and woman, on September 28th. Nothing happened for a while. When I was five years old I liberated Tibet, finally putting an end to the Cold War. My greatest accomplishment however, came in 1992 where Paul McCartney and I collaborated to write such hit songs as "Hotel California", "Stairway to Heaven", and "Boyz in the Hood". I am half robot. Many noteable innovations I have created over the years have included P2P file sharing networks, basketball, Ireland, Marxism, and spacedocking. I had a stable acting career when I was younger, I played in many famous roles such as "the cup" in 2 girls 1 cup. One time I saw a ghost.