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Smoking Monkey Lounge: The Variety Hour Playlist

If you vote die, I will find you.

Well if there is one thing in life I love more than cat nip, it's talking about myself. But that's besides the point, everybody knows that. What I am really doing here in the virtual world is to tell you how awesome Smoking Monkey Lounge is. No, it's not a dirty, racist, Irish bar. We're an acting troop. Wait no...we're an acting entity, an omnipresent being, an unstoppable force of NATURE! Pretty intimidated? Don't worry, we're only here to force you to watch all of our amazing videos. One man who chose otherwise was promptly tied to a cactus, out by the ol' Indian burial grounds. You know the ones. We covered him in sticky Tootsie Roll Pops and the ghosts ate him. Don't mess. Just watch.

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