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Bosma & DeWalt

Bosma & DeWalt is a Los Angeles based comedy duo that performs in two arenas, on stage and online. Their comedy offers a unique and twisted view of normal everyday people and places. Online, their work offers a wide range of genres, including sketch comedy, parodies, and digital shorts. Bosma & DeWalt's videos infuse high production value and style with quality performance and writing. Influenced by the likes of Derrick, The Lonely Island, Pete & Brian, and shot through the cinematic lense of Augustus Piazza; Bosma & DeWalt blend modern stylized online content with unique and original character comedy. On stage, their improv shows combine slow, grounded scene-work with fast character play. Influenced by the relationship-based improv of Nichols & May, and the character work of comedians like Lucille Ball and John Ritter, Bosma & DeWalt energize the stage with their modern fast and physical comedy. Live improv show directed by Matt Craig (Second City Chicago, According to Jim, The Office) -- All videos Directed by Jessica Tebow, Jon DeWalt, Allison Bosma, & Augustus Piazza Edited Jon DeWalt Director of Photography & Photographer Augustus Piazza