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Brandon Moore

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ABOUT ME I think outside the box. The bun for that matter too. I read anything and everything. I have to watch or read the news everyday. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music but I'm always listening to some. I paint and draw. I enjoy woodworking. I have been to 27 states in the past year and a half. I love meeting new people from all walks of life. My sense of humor is huge. I credit a lot of to working some crap jobs for example historic restoration, CD manufacturing, and currently IT phone support. When you work jobs that you would rather not be, you and your co-workers are always trying to make each other laugh or at least in my experience. MOVIES Currently Into the Wild, I Am Legend TV SHOWS Currently Rob and Big, One Tree Hill, CSI, Prison Break, HGTV, Food Network, ESPN MUSIC Currently PARK, William Fitzsimmons, City and Colour, Lupe Fiasco, Lydia BOOKS Currently Stay Mad by Jim Cramer