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Better than God's dick.

[We made these videos DECADES ago. They were never ever scripted; there was never practise; entirely ad lib and spontaneous.] Before them internets and all dem fuckin' fancy confounded motion capture vidyeh games took over the world we youngin's made our own fun with pebbles, masturbation and coon skins. And we never fed our cheques to robots at the bank neither. This was carbon dated as being from the VHS era; the dawn before the internet. It was found fossilized. These are the exploits of one brave gay man, Tushace the Last; who must have opened up his cafe next to a liquor store/whore house, a malfunctioning substation, or most likely, the world is just festering with crazy fucks. For all ye homophobes... or anyone who shits on anyone for the sake of shitting on anyone... go eat a shit. Don't hate someone because they're gay, or straight, or Canadian. Hate people because they're dicks. If you're offended... nobody gives a shit. It's the internet.