Blouzefest Blouzefest



BLOUZEFEST - A festival of improvisational music 3D! Invented in 2006, Blouzefest quickly became a hot underground comedy event taking place in various Hollywood Livingrooms. In 2008, Blouzefest took it to the streets with Blouze-O-Ween 2, an event held at one of LAs premiere production studios (The 533 Studio) and drew a crowd of 300+ as well as a midget, 3 dogs and numerous celebs. In 2009, BLOUZEFEST hijacked your holidays with BLOUZEGIVING!! In 2010 BLOUZEFEST teamed up with Max Landis and the Colour Society for the ULTIMATE drinking game...CHAMPIONSHIT CATCH PHRASE!! In 2011 BLOUZEFEST took it to the streets AGAIN in 3D with SKYLER STONE and his Occupy Twilight squad for OCCUPY TWILIGHT!! And in 2012 BLOUZEFEST WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! STAY GLUED Mr. Drummond is Colonel Sanders! Blouzefest - A Festival of Improvisational Music Creation. Jamie and His Amazing Friends - The Host of Blouzefest and the All-Star Performers. Blouzemaster Series- The Albums produced at a Blouzefest. Commissioner Blouzenstein - Commander of Beats and Microchip Technologyz. Blouzefest Secretary - Sultry temptress and official record keeper. Twitch Vegas - The deepest part of your sleep with nothing but slot machines and bright neon lights. That's where we go every night. The Underperson - The part of you that controls your heart rate, breathing, and other unmentionables. He looks like Slim Goodbody and when you're blouzed...he rises to the surface and takes control!