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Blogologues™ brings your favorite blog posts to the stage – as well as other wacky online material that probably shouldn’t be read out loud. Conceived by Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula, Blogologues is a curated, thematic internet extravaganza that gives voice to those texts from last night, what’s overheard in New York, and your missed connections. A hilarious, hour-long romp through the interwebs. “Groundbreaking.” – Rachel Sklar, CNN Contributor, Silicon Alley 100 Blogs + Monologues = Blogologues “A genius recontextualization [of the internet].” – Lauren Kaelin & Sophia Fraioli, co-founders, When Parents Text “A cast of five kept the audience laughing at the sorts of cultural relics typically enjoyed while sitting alone at a laptop.” –The Observer Betabeat “Performed expertly, with perfect comic timing and dedication.”— Show Business Weekly “Blogologues proves that the internet and live theatre can live in harmony.” –The Huffington Post “The best thing since the world wide web.” – Lauren Leto, co-founder, Texts From Last Night “For those who think that the Internet and theater can never co-exist, you need to get your asses down to Blogologues.” –Crushable “Clearly, the best thing to do in New York City.” – Alli & Jen, Blogologues co-creators