blade blade


ish drawing. Digitally! jah, really.

The obligatory profile thingie. Yah, that's always fun to write considering one often gets writer's block while thinking of things to type about themselves. Okay, I'm a girl. Yes, one of those she-creatures that has those things on their chest and no adams apple. I lean towards girls too, they're just so cute! What else...I guess I can say that I'm an artist, I work in traditional media through drawing and needle felting (taking fiber from a sheep, alpaca, or other such fuzzy creature and stabbing the material until I get the shapes I want.) as well as digitally with a wacom. Seriously, going back and forth from traditional and digital with drawing gives you some weird quirks, like trying to save in your sketch book or shaking off the used eraser stuff off of the wacom after erasing something on the computer screen. I share the house with four cats, along with my mother and younger brother. The house has been in the family since it was built in the 50's and has the same phone number since then. So...that is all for now.