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Bizarre Dillon

I'm so awesome

I'm "Bizarre Dillon" from the hit YouTube series "Bizarre Dillon" TV. Likes Werewolves, Road Rovers and SWAT Kats Favorite Music Chamillionaire, Three 6 Mafia, Rob Zombie, III Nino, 'Weird Al" Yankovic, Chris Brown and AC/DC Favorite Comedians Dane Cook, Kyle Cease, Demitri Martin, Pablo Francisco, Larry The Cable Guy, Gaberial Igelasias, Carlos Mencia and Jeff Dunham I'm friends with a group of my awesome friends (NWO) Favorite Quotes "I like corn" "Whassup!" "Haaaaaa?!" Favorite Foods spaghetti french fries chicken strips hamburger cheeseburger sweet & sour chicken popcorn CANDY!!!!!!!! Chocolate ice cream Chocolate cake Pepsi Coca-cola A&W Root Beer Sprite Corn(duh!)