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Missing presumed deaf since 1998

My name is Jim Kinloch and I write: comedy sketches, sitcoms, stage plays, short films, blogs, Twitter campaigns and more. What I can do I create funny stuff from scratch. I write surreal and silly stuff. I’ve Performed Stuff I’ve performed my work as standup and in fringe theatre. I’ve written for stand up and cabaret performers (like ‘Eddie Sidecar’ The world’s only living motorcycle impressionist) and dabbled in street theatre and I’ve been trained in physical theatre including clown (Gaulier not the big-shoed variety) Comedia D’ Arte and mask. I’ve Experienced I’ve earned my living as a professional marketing manager and you’ll find mentions of me as the Online Marketing chap in various places so I write blogs and dabble in FaceBook and Twitter and know a fair amount about affiliate marketing and email campaigns. Copy Writing Man I write original copy about everything from builders to lingerie and from gifts to drug rehabilitation. O’ and comedy at ‘Comedy Writer in Waiting.’ What the BBC said in a very nice letter about my work I was in the last 50 of the BBC ‘Finish a Sitcom’ competition out of 5,000 scripts. They were kind enough to write this… “…the development of the plot showed a lot of imagination. There was plenty of action and the way the scenes moved between different characters gave the script a dramatic pace. You demonstrated an ability to write snappy dialogue and this was combined with some very funny ideas.” - BBC 3 “The Last Laugh’ Amnesty International Commendation– The Secret Policeman’s Ball I was highly commended by the writer’s group for a sketch idea I put forward. The competition was to pitch a sketch in less than a 140 characters (that’s Twitter then). See some of my other writing at