Bishop and Douch Bishop and Douch

Bishop and Douch

Your Mum will love us.

Hello. We’re Bishop and Douch. Here are some nice things people have said about us 'The brightest hope for English comedy in quite some time' - Heeb Magazine 'I love and admire their work' Steve Guttenberg - Police Academy 'I was charmed tickely pink...clever and fun!' Kristen Schaal - Flight of The Conchords 'One of the most exciting new comedy double acts around' The Fix Magazine 'Delightfully Quirksome' Ewen Macintosh - The Office 'These guys are very funny! The real deal!' David Wain - Stella 'It's like a Party in Your Mind!' Paul Scheer - MTV's Human Giant 'Which one's Douch?' Bishop's Mum 'You are shit shit' An angry man