Billy on the Street

Billy On The Street with Billy Eichner airs on truTV and TBS featuring guest appearances by Chris Pratt, Anna Kendrick, Tina Fey, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, and Julianne Moore.

About Billy

Billy Eichner was born September 18, 1978 and raised in New York City. He graduated from Stuyvesant High School (NY) in 1996. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he majored in Theater.

He is the star, executive producer and creator of "Funny Or Die's Billy on the Street," a comedy game show that airs on Fuse TV. Billy is also a special correspondent for "Conan." He has been a regular performer at New York's Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He is a commentator on pop culture via his Twitter account.

Billy on the Street

Funny Or Die's Billy on the Street is a music and pop culture game show. Join comedian Billy Eichner, unfiltered and unapologetic, as he hits the streets of New York City to test unsuspecting passersby. Billy gives contestants the chance to win cash and other prizes by playing games such as "Quizzed in the Face," with lifeline options to Beg a Stranger or Ask an Asian. Other games include "Where in the World is John Mayer's Penis?" and "Name 20 White People in 30 Seconds." Billy on the Street airs exclusively on Fuse, with new episodes every Friday at 10/9C.


  • Where can I watch the show?
    Funny Or Die’s Billy on the Street airs on the FUSE cable network. Find out if your cable or satellite provider carries Fuse. You can also buy episodes on iTunes.
  • How can I be a contestant on the show?
    Billy will find you — on the streets of New York! To see some of the places he’s been, check out our interactive map. Very occasionally, we may put out a call for contestants. The best place to hear about these is to follow Billy on Twitter.
  • Where can I buy previous episodes/seasons of Billy on the Street?
  • How can I contact Billy?
    The easiest way is to send him a message via Twitter or Facebook.
  • I have an idea for the show! Who do I contact?
    That’s great! Too bad we can’t accept unsolicited ideas. Sorry!

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