Billydoll Billydoll


I was the model for the GAY BILLY DOLL. Love CHER!! See my pics of my hollywood days on FB! Bill Alan is my name. Love to sing, wish I had a hit record. From your mouth to God's ears. Left L.A. and came back to my birthplace in Portsmouth, N.H. with all my family. Made some of my dreams come true. Hollywood missed out cause I have STAR quality. Never found my nitch. maybe beacuse my Dad isn't Tom Cruise or John Travolta. Easy if your parent is a star, then EVERYTHING is handed to you. I can sing better than people I see on T.V. I have won contests and sang at AIDS benefits and weddings too. This was a dream. I love my life in N.H. Just a simple, quite life. Always thought I'd be good on Sat. Nite live too. People always told me that. A nice compliment, I did get a standing ovation at the GROUNDLNGS once, my first time too and I was GREAT!! Life is good, I am a star in God's eyes and my family, that is enough really.