Bill Kates Bill Kates

Bill Kates

is happy when people wonder if they heard what they THINK they heard.

I am blessed to have worked extensively with folks ranging from U2 to Howard Stern to the Firesign Theatre. My work has been heard nationally on XM radio and in other places from Comedy Central to K- Rock in New York. As a freelance voice-over artist, writer/ performer, sound designer and audio post specialist, my recent work can be heard in Hasbro toys and games, on iphone/ ipad apps and games such as Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner, Sector 17, Teleport 3D LA, Harper Collins "The Art of the Adventures of TinTin", and many other spots across the broadcast and internet spectrum. I try to bring a little humor and humanity into everything I do. My greatest joy in what I do is when someone wonders whether they just IMAGINED what they just heard, or whether they really, actually just heard it. An old friend recently said "You remind me of Lord Buckley, sometimes". I think that may be the nicest compliment I've ever received.