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Ben Rosenfeld

Ben Rosenfeld’s stand up comedy is an eclectic blend of smart, scary and immigrant characters that at times may feel a bit too real. Ben tries to make sense of the world by combining his family’s experience as Russian immigrants and his knack for getting people to open up and say ridiculous thing. Born in a country that no longer exists (the USSR) and in a city that has since changed its name, Ben convinced his parents to emigrate from Leningrad to Connecticut shortly after his third birthday, because he could no longer tolerate the Russian winters. Ben soon learned to be a young American living in Fairfield County by watching Married…With Children, The Simpsons and Beavis and Butthead. His earliest comic influences were Adam Sandler (They’re All Gonna Laugh at You and What the Hell Happened to Me?) and Chris Rock (Roll With the New and Bigger and Blacker). Soon after his graduation from Rutgers University with a double major in Philosophy and Economics, Ben began his corporate career as a Fortune 500 management consultant by day while moonlighting as a stand up comic. He can’t explain the job description, but he was worth every penny. Three years later, he entered a fully-funded PhD program in Neuroeconomics at California Technical Institute (CalTech), a school which boasts 31 Nobel laureates. Two months later, however, he quit the school that was paying him to earn an advanced degree in science to dedicate full time to stand up comedy. Soon after, Ben created the motivational seminar with attached e-book, How to Find Your Passion, for helping high school and college students more closely define their future career choices. Ben recently released his first comedy album, “Neurocomedy” which is available on iTunes. He has been filmed for TruTV’s All Worked Up and Comedy Time TV. He has hosted The Lincoln Center (Alice Tully Hall) and competed in the Caroline’s on Broadway “March Madness” contest. Ben has performed in the Stand Up 360 Comedy Festival, the Laughing Devil Festival and the Ventura Comedy Festival. Ben regularly records on-air comedy sketches for various radio stations across the country. His work has also been featured in the 48 Hour Film Festival, The Williamsburg Film Festival and The Sparrow Film Festival. He also writes, acts in, films and edits short films and video sketches, found on Ben currently lives and performs in New York City, he has also performed around the country including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and even New Jersey.