stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone -any biersack

Celeste Celeste

Well, my name is Celste (0bviously!). I love music it's my everything. I love love love Black Veil Brides. They mean the world to me. My favorite color is black. I love piercings and tattoes. I'm random at times. I hate when people say meaningless things. It's like fuck off, man. Anyway, here is some not so amazing things about me. I have been diagnosed with a seveare depression disorder. I;m not gonna say anything else about it because it's none of your business now is it? I'm atheist, and also bisexual. I love to write and draw. I really wanna be a fanous drummer when i get older or even now. It's the only thing i wanna do right now. No other plans. So, yeah. Bye bye boo.