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Mrs. Bieber


let me start off by saying this: I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER! he is my life. i think about him all day and he is also totally hilarious. if ur wondering what my favorite part about justin is, it's a tie between his smile and eyes!! i am going 2 his concert on august 28th in new york and i am counting down the days. i cant wait! my favorite justin song is either pick me or eenie meenie feat. sean kingston. or kiss and tell. he has so many great songs, it's really hard to choose! i hate selena gomez, and i think she should back away from my man! she sucks at singing and acting, and i think justin is way better than her. selena totally doesnt deserve justin. i am also a huge fan of demi lovato, she rocks! i love meeting new people so send me a message! peace, love, BIEBER <3