Benjamin Denson Benjamin Denson

Benjamin Denson

Benjamin Denson™ was established in 1981 in the state of Wisconsin, consequently leaving him with a lifelong fondness for various forms of cheese. At the young age of four Benjamin held a conference with his parents where, using an assortment of pie charts, graphs and public surveys, he outlined the benefits of relocating to Minnesota. A vote was taken, and in a majority ruling, the decision had been made. By the age of 12 he had read several books and was well on his way to reading several more. In 1994 television was invented and that kept him occupied for the greater part of his teenage years. Adulthood lead him down diverse avenues of adventure and intrigue, which he someday hopes to remember. Benjamin has had the pleasure of being inside a number of comedy theaters and the honor of standing near numerous actors, comedians and writers. Sometimes he does something funny, and sometimes he does it on purpose.