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Rebekah rimington

I'm a Aussie Chick on this wheel of life and I love that it keeps turning. I like Lot's and Lot's of things, horse riding, writing, hiking, talking, dancing, skiing. I love banter, life and fun! I have 4 older brother's and a younger sister. OK and... From the land of Oz, I rode a very large Red Kangaroo which jumped over the Ocean and now I can't find her. What am I doing with my life I'm into doing lots of things, write, produce, Act, I love going out and exploring different possibilities. I've lived in LA for 2 years and have found a wonderful community of creative friends and I love my life here! Writing little blogs really good at Riding wild animals! I'm good at Keeping my friends, I have had the same friends all my life and I'm constantly making new ones, my friends tell me I have a therapeutic affect..they come to me when they wanna chill or do something fun. I've been in 9 of my friend's wedding's, I may start charging (- The first things people usually notice about me is I have a very sunny disposition, a lightness I'm told.. Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food I generally read/watch Comedy/drama, I like horror sometimes. Omg I love food...everything except marzipan and Brussel sprouts. Do not try to lure me with different Brussell Sprout dish's, to me a Brussel is like a green Alien that haunted me throughout my childhood..It had eyes, teeth and fur! The six things I could never do without This is one of those Island question' Joey, my Kangaroo of course, my red shiny shoes, a decent Roo GPS, a proper fenced in Roo paddock, Brussel sprout/marzipan food detector and a Bruspan detonator. I also spend a lot of time thinking about How many deadly predators we have is Oz. Our Sharks and Crocs take down low flying aircraft. Contact me if chivalry is not dead...If your adorable, personable, funny and you can find my red shiny shoes.