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It's Only Fashion

Life is a series of stories you tell, and a life with style is a story told well. At BB Dakota, we believe in the woman who lives her life on her own terms, and looks good doing it. We design for the protagonists and the raconteurs. The woman who walks as gracefully as she falls over, who is equal parts Stravinsky and Seinfeld, who stays out too late and hermits out with equal heedlessness -- the woman who keeps you up at night long after she's gone to bed. We think that fashion -- even damn good fashion -- is only ever the means to an unpredictable end. And so our mission is to be your accomplice in your life. Our clothes will take you where you're going without getting in your way. Because the golden rule of a well-turned dress is never to interrupt a woman when she's speaking. Spilled a drink on your dress while dancing at a party? Keep dancing. Ripped your shirt climbing over the gate? Keep going. Maybe you spilled guac on your skirt. Maybe you jumped into the pool with your fur capelet on. So be it -- it's only fashion. What's important is what you plan on doing next. At BB Dakota, we love clothes, but we love the women who wear them more. That's why our clothes are exquisite, not expensive; wearable, not imitable. The clubby, exclusionary fashionworld does not interest us, and the idea that a pricey pant or a hallowed handbag can make a woman cool is, frankly, lame. When we spend too much on a dress, we worry about the dress. And when we're worried about a dress, we're not living in the moment. Anxiety is not glamorous. A price point is not glamourous. Glamour is looking exquisite and not giving a fuck. And that's what we're offering you here at BB Dakota: More life, less fucks. And as for the rest? It's only fashion.